Your Post Holiday Prescription: Make January the Month of Me

By Erica Root

Erica Root
Erica Root

January, on its face, is a lonely month.

It’s cold. It’s dark. And you don’t have any of the glitz, glamour, and smells of the holidays.

There are no presents to unwrap. Nor days off from work.

But after a crazy December, nothing sounds better to me than the frigid unwelcoming month of January.

My social calendar is completely empty, and I will fight tooth and nail to keep it that way. The organizer in me is blocking off my weekends, my nights after a long day at the office, and reserving them.

Reserving them for the month of ME.

A month for me to Zumba, to write, to read, and to continue going down the black hole that is Netflix.

At first glance this might seem like a sad thing. I assure you it is anything but sad. My mind is already lost in the awesomeness that will be an event free month.

It’s also going to be the perfect time to focus on my 2016 goals. For flushing them out and creating a plan to achieve them over the year.

If you remember last year, I encouraged you all to set goals, not resolutions when going into the New Year. Well, my goal in 2015 was to finish the first draft of my book. I have yet to meet that goal. I will, don’t you worry, but I am cutting it awfully close.

Next year, I won’t make the same mistake. I will get a jump start on my goal because the month of January is going to be about me.

Not about catching up with friends, because I’ve seem them a ton in December anyway. Not about going to every party or event that I’m invited to. Because I’ve been there and done that, and now I need a break.

Maybe you are in need of a break too? I’m almost sure you are. The holidays are stressful for everyone because they are a whole lot of work.

If you aren’t sure if you should pledge to have a January all about you, take my mini quiz below to find out. Place a mental check-mark to each of the following items you’ve done in December:

  • Attended more than three holiday parties.
  • Spent over $150 on Amazon.
  • Felt sick from eating all the baked goodies brought to your office from co-workers and friendly clients.
  • Given up on your workout regimen entirely.
  • Felt compelled to rush through some goals or resolutions so that you can call 2016 a success.
  • Strategically maneuvered through family politics.

How many of them got a check-mark? Most of them? All of them? Did you think of ten other things that are making your December most stressful that I didn’t even list?

I’m not an expert at Cosmo quizzes, but, I think if you marked at least two of the items above, then you should consider joining me in my January of solitude. To focus on yourself, what you want and need to finally feel rested and rejuvenated from this busy month.

Best of luck, and remember, less than a week to go until our January of me.



Soooo you’ve pledged to rest and relax and now you don’t know what do. I got you covered on that front too. Here are a few suggestions in the event you find yourself suddenly bored with all this free time on your hands:

  • Watch Jessica Jones on Netflix. Yes, it is sad and depressing, and frankly a little bit slow. But that is exactly what you need this January. If you are like me and have already gone through the series, then may I suggest Amazon Prime’s Alpha House and Mozart in the Jungle?
  • Read the Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer. I think I may have talked about my love for young adult novels in as past post, well this is a great series for you to read cuddled up on the couch during the cold winter months. And, coincidentally, the last book of the series has just been released and is titled Winter. So, it’s perfect.

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