Last Minute Local Gifts for Under $25

By Kearsten Shepherd

We all know how hard it is to shop for that one friend or family member that has everything, or that person in the office you don’t know that well but got stuck with for the office gift exchange. Well have no fear friends, GOTG is here to help you find the perfect gift for anyone!

Each year, Girls on the Grid gets together for our annual holiday party and gift exchange. We celebrate the year, eat delicious food made by some of our writers and share libations – it’s the very best. To make things interesting we all bring our gifts wrapped and exchange them that way until the end of the game -no stealing or anything like that. Each girl pulls a tag out of a “hat” that prompts them to exchange with someone specific in the room. Since you never know who will get your gift, you have to find something that will be universally loved. There are only two rules, it has to be around $25 and it has to be from somewhere local (on the grid or pretty close).

This year we all made out with some great things we want to share with you in hopes of helping you find a last minute gift for those in your life that may be difficult to shop for. Below is our gift guide –  some of our best finds from local retailers! Happy holidays from all of us here at Girls on the Grid!


Revolution Wines – Wine
G-Spot – Edible Candy Underwear
Plant Foundry – Terrarium with Airplant
Ginger Elizabeth – Chocolates and Wine
Temple Coffee –  $25 gift card
Display – Dried Gourd Ornament
Preservation and Co. – Bloody Mary Mix
Prosper Design Studio – Tote Bag
Midtown Bevmo – Peppermint Vodka and Wine Glass Holder
Visions of Eden – Ornaments and Holiday Mug
Big Brother Comics & G-Spot – Sex Criminals Book
Plant Foundry – Air Plant and Gift Card
Krazy Mary’s – Earrings and Bracelet
Old Gold – Navy Festival Hat


Locations and Hours

Revolution Wines, 2831 S St, T-Th 11:30a–9p, F-Sa 11:30a-10p (916-444-7711)
G-Spot, 2007 J St. Hours: Tu-Th 1oam-12am, Fri 10am-2am (916-441-3200)
Plant Foundry, 3500 Broadway, Tu-Sat 9am-5pm (916-917-5785)
Ginger Elizabeth, 1801 L St, Wed 10am – 9pm, Th 9am – 2pm (916-706-1738)
Temple Coffee,Various Locations, Tu-Th 6AM-11PM Fri 6am-2pm (916-443-4960)

Display, 3433 Broadway, Tu and Wed 11:00AM – 7PM, Th 10am-2pm (916-822-4925)
Preservation and Co, 1717 19th St, Tu-Th 12pm-7pm (916-706-1044)
Prosper Design Studio, 916-468-8105
Midtown Bevmo, 1700 J St, Tu-Fri 10am-9pm (916-502-9927)
Visions of Eden, 126 J St, Tu-Fri 10am- 9pm (916-448-1449)
Big Brother Comics, 1722 J St, 11am-8pm (916-441-6461)
Krazy Mary’s Boutique, 3230 Folsom Blvd, Tu and Wed 11am-7pm, Th 10am-4pm (916-442-6279)
Old Gold, 1104 R St, 11am-7pm (916-329-8569)


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