Five Gifts for Your Friend Who has Everything

By Cristina Guccione

Cristina Guccione
Cristina Guccione

The holiday season can be one of the most wonderful times of the year. Endless parties and white elephant gifts; a legitimate excuse to eat everything, all the time; and the countdown until you finally get that much needed vacation.

However with the holiday season comes stress, that crazy Aunt that still kisses you and leaves hot pink lipstick on your cheek, and the perpetual difficult decision of “what do I buy the person that has everything?”

Whether you are a last minute shopper or can spare a couple shipping days, below are five gifts suggestions to calm your holiday shopping nerves.


1) Homemade Gift Baskets from Cost Plus World Market

Cost Plus is a one-stop shop for basket making. They have baskets, crinkle cut paper, cellophane wrap and ribbon. Below are some basket filling suggestions:

  • “The Mixologist” – Bloody Mary Mix, an assortment of pickled vegetables, hot sauce, Worcestershire, and a variety of funky toothpicks/skewers and straws.
  • “The Baker” – Cake mix, fancy cupcake liners, porcelain measuring spoons and cups, holiday spatula, and assorted color ramekins.
  • “The Chef” – literally anything in half the store. I usually just pick an ethnicity and include the corresponding food products and fun kitchen knick-knacks.
  • “The Hostess” – Bottle of wine, linen napkins, napkin ring holders, mini spoons and forks for appetizer trays, beaded wine glass markers, and a bottle of “Wine Away.”


2) Personalized Photo Gifts

Websites like Shutterfly and Vistaprint have great deals on a variety of items that can be personalized. However, custom coasters are fun because it’s an item that is usually on display and an item frequently used, so it can be enjoyed on a daily basis.

(Tip: it doesn’t need to be a photo of a person/people rather; it can be a photo of a memorable time i.e. someone’s first business card.)  

The app Mosaic is also a creative and fun way to make a quick and inexpensive photo book. You choose twenty different photos and it populates the photos for you into a small book with a mosaic cover. And, it’s fun to make one with a theme. For example, twenty profile pictures from your best friends Facebook page or for your foodie friend, twenty different Instagram photos of all those mouthwatering food shots.


3) Custom Dog Tags

No, not those kind. Custom dog tags for our furry children! Many online stores sell sport team tags that one can customize on the back. If you are in a hurry Pet Food Express in Sacramento sells a variety and can customize on-site. Also, they support the Front Street Animal Shelter and have regular weekend adoptions so what’s not to love about that!


4) Old Skool Toys

If you live with or around children you know they have plenty of toys and literally do not need one more toy. But, tis’ the season so what should you do? Take a trip to R/C County Hobbies and Toys in Sacramento. They have a huge selection of toys from the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s. It’s like a trip down memory lane. They also sell crafty items like a custom car building kit, rockets, trains, Sea-Monkeys Ocean Zoos, and Crystal Growing Kits.


5) As Seen on TV

This is a perfect stocking stuffer idea. Visit the official website of As Seen on TV and you can purchase all those items you so desperately need. Who doesn’t need putty that can fix a leak in a boat or a wallet that holds all twenty-four of your credit cards?



So, don’t stress, make it personal and have fun with your holiday shopping!

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  1. Jen Teykaerts says

    World Market is my go-to for gift baskets! I love that they sell basket “kits” – for $6 you get a basket that comes with the wrap, a gift tag, and paper “fluff.” Each year I set a budget per person or couple, pick a theme, and then go wild! This year I got my stepsister and her husband a “date night at home” basket with wine, beer, pasta noodles & sauce, charcuterie, crackers, and chocolate. It was really affordable, and the basket makes it look fancy.

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