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By: Cristina Guccione

Cristina Guccione
Cristina Guccione

A lot has changed since the Brady Bunch, and gender roles are no longer specific to human anatomy.  Women are now CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, presidential candidates, multitasking the parenting role and bringing home the bacon.  And at a new craft butchery shop in East Sacramento, they literally are bringing home the bacon.  Meet 24 year old Cindy Garcia.  A graduate of UC Davis, Cindy had a dream of becoming an orthopedic surgeon for our beloved furry friends.  During a class at “The Meat Lab” on campus, she received hands-on training in butchery, sanitation, and meat processing.  This class changed the course of her future and she was ultimately hired to manage the onsite facility.  Since then she’s worked at a local grocery store and most recently, hired as Head Butcher at V. Miller Meats ( Website ,Facebook, Twitter

The Vibe:

V. Miller Meats is situated in a remodeled building across the street from OneSpeed Pizza.  In its exceptionally clean interior, there are cases of fresh butchered beef, lamb, and pork, along with homemade sausages, stocks, and soups.  Their knowledgeable employees educate customers on the various cuts of meat, how it was raised, and suggested preparation methods.

Price Range:

The prices are comparable to any other specialty meat store(s) however, considering they purchase whole animals and butcher in-house, there is peace of mind knowing the ground beef didn’t come from 20 different cows or include any “foreign matter.”

Every Thursday they have “Thursday Night Dinner Boxes” that include one protein (a whole cooked chicken or roast), organic potatoes cooked in meat juices, and organic vegetables.  All this food (four servings) is only $25!

 Both owners Eric Veldman Miller and Matt Azevedo are trained butchers and accomplished chefs.  Miller was previously Chef de cuisine at Mulvaney’s after becoming Lead Chef Instructor at Le Cordon Bleu and Azevedo was previously Chef de cuisine at Restaurant Thir13en and Tuli Catering.  They both wanted to take their love of cooking and butchery and combine it into one business so that customers would have access to 100% pasture raised meat and poultry sourced from local farms.

The Good:
  • They butcher all animals in house and use every part of the animal – nothing goes to waste.  
  • All animals are responsibly raised and the beef and lamb are all grass fed and grass finished (this means they eat grass in a pasture their entire life, as opposed to being moved to a feedlot for grain finishing).
  • Their whole beef carcasses hang in the refrigerator for 21 days for optimal taste (similar to dry aging).
  • They sell beef/lamb bones and homemade doggie treats!
Food for Thought:

I asked Cindy what was the best part of her job as Head Butcher. She immediately smiled and answered, “Being able to create a really good product for my family.  Knowing the animal was ethically raised and treated with respect, to butchering it myself and preparing a meal for my loved ones.  I am part of the process from the beginning to the end. “

Check out what’s in the case!  Click here.



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  1. Dana says

    This is awesome from beginning to end. I’ve recently seen some footage that opened my eyes to the mass beef and pork industry and it made my heart sink to think I’ve contributed to this environment. I was stuck though because I don’t really want to give up eating meat but in no way want to contribute to the unethical treatment and killing of animals. This article definitely came at the right time when I’m looking for an alternative. Thank you!

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