A Night That's Sure to be a Ball

By Kristen Flowers

Kristen Flowers
Kristen Flowers

As adults it’s rare when you find those magical moments that seem to jump right off the pages of a fairy tale. It’s even more rare when those Cinderella-like events take place in your hometown but that’s exactly what will happen on December 5th when the clock strikes 6pm. The renaissance art currently on display will jump off the walls as the Crocker Art Museum presents it’s 54th Anniversary Crocker Ball. 

The word “ball” conjures up ideas of gorgeous gowns swirling in time with a symphony of music.  Glass and crystal chandeliers hang from the vaulted ceilings and delectable hors d’oeuvres are passed around on gleaming silver platters. The Crocker Ball embodies this elegance of course but there is an even more beautiful sight to be seen this night, the faces of those who donated and those who chose charity this holiday season. 

This year, the Crocker Art Museum is on track to receive $500,000 from this night which will be spent right here in the Sacramento community. With the mission of bringing art to everyone, the funds collected will serve those who otherwise would not experience the beauty of art including; the hearing and sight impaired, dementia and Alzheimer sufferers, those with developmental challenges, and even those in chronic pain. 

Imagine going through life never seeing a work of art and having no one there to explain the beauty to you. The museum aims to solve this problem and include those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Donations collected will be used to make the American Sign Language captioning services available to those in need. Also students at the American River Deaf Culture & ASL Studies Department will be allowed to practice interpreting tours with trained docents. 

Touch tours will also be available for the blind or those with low vision. Visitors will be allowed to touch select works of art and with the help of the Sacramento’s Arcade Library, a 3D printing of some of the sculptures will be available to be touched and discussed. 

The Crocker Ball also aims to fund it’s Meet Me at the Museum and Art Rx programs. Those with Alzheimer’s and dementia can visit the exhibits as part of the Meet Me at the Museum program and use the art as a gateway to memories while interacting with others. People living with chronic pain also miss out on the art as their pain is sometimes too unbearable to leave the house. Under the Art Rx program and in collaboration with that UC Davis Pain Management Center, those will crippling pain can now enjoy a tour with reduced physical and emotional burdens. 

Lastly, the Crocker Museum wants to bring its body of works to the children through it’s Wonder Lab program. Children with learning and developmental disabilities are encouraged to make their own art to help spark their imaginations and creativity.

Providing this type of assistance is all in a day’s work for Kathy Johnson, CFO and owner of Taylor’s Market and Kitchen, and this years chair for the Crocker Ball, she says “Working on this event to bring hundreds of art-lovers, philanthropists and community leaders together to support the Crocker Art Museum has been a pleasure.”

For this one night only be dazzled as the Crocker Art Museum at 216 O Street in Sacramento brings in the glitzy, glamorous and the generous. 

Tickets are available now. For more information and to purchase tickets call (916) 808-7843.

Crocker Ball 2013 Crocker Ball 2013

photo credit: Sam Wood

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