Homemade Ginger Beer – GOTG with Pour House

By Chantel Elder & Leia Ostermann

Ahhh the Moscow Mule. It is one of the tastiest (and prettiest) cocktails to order. It’s also something of a specialty for the bartenders at Pour House, a bar located at 19th and Q in Midtown, Sacramento. What we didn’t know was that Pour House makes their own ginger beer in-house and from scratch. This key ingredient is what adds the zing and the zest to a properly made Moscow Mule.  So when we were invited to go “behind the bar”and help create the locally famed Moscow Mule, we couldn’t resist.

The best part about learning at Pour House wasn’t that we got to make our own drinks and then drink them (living out our fantasy of being bartenders), or the hospitality of the resident ginger-beer-making-expert, or the fortunate realization that the “beer” part of the word was a very loose term, it was having a chance to learn the recipe from the experts and then try it at home.* Of course, the amount of time spent peeling ginger root gave us more respect for their hard working ginger beer makers.

The photos below shows the steps, shenanigans and final product from our Mule-making, ginger-beer-brewing experience. We couldn’t resist taking a bit of pride in our efforts but gladly joined the normal people on the other side of the bar to sit back and enjoy a finely crafted Moscow Mule.

The ingredients: 


The peeling:


The straining:


The Gin: 


The only person who actually made the ginger beer at home (and rocked it): 


The drink assembly: 


The finishing touches: 



*Bonus – In case you would like to try making your own ginger beer at home, here is the recipe!

Ginger Beer Recipe from Pour House

2 pound ginger, peeled

2 cup sugar

1 cup fresh lime juice

4 cup water

Purée ginger, sugar, water in food processor and strain pulp through fine mesh strainer. Add lime juice to the ginger juice, bottle & chill over night.

To serve: in a pint glass pour 2 oz ginger juice, fill with ice, and top with soda water. Garnish with a lime.

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