FoodJets – Food Delivery at Jet Speed

By Cristina Guccione

Cristina Guccione
Cristina Guccione

Speedy food delivery service has arrived. FoodJets’ (website, free mobile app for Android and iOSFacebookTwitter).

Way long ago when phones were not smart and telephone books were left at your front door, there was a service that delivered food from your favorite restaurant, right to your door.  One of the founding fathers of restaurant delivery service, Food To You, has been the “go to” service for many years. The founder of Food To You, Darren McAdams, started his company in his friends garage in Citrus Heights, California after an injury prevented the baseball player from going pro.  Since then his vision has grown and, along with technological advances, so has the delivery marketplace.

Introducing FoodJets – lunch or dinner, delivered to your curb, in less than 10 minutes.


Choice of Restaurants:  

Every meal period the menu items change.  There are set menu items, at this point they offer four different selections, but soon will offer eight to ten choices.

Price Point:

$8.99 per meal.  The $8.99 includes everything!  No additional charges for delivery, gratuity, or services.

Delivery Times:

The goal is to have your order, delivered curbside, within ten minutes.  I ordered lunch at 11:34 a.m. and received a text message and call at 11:36 a.m. that said my order would arrive in two minutes.  It was crazy fast.  Safe to say it arrived at jet speed?

Their operating hours are:

Lunch: 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Dinner: 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.


What Makes FoodJets Different:

At this point, I’m sure you are wondering how exactly this is possible.Twice per day right before each meal period FoodJets receives the meals from local restaurants in their reusable and recyclable food boxes. Their vehicles are outfitted with warming/cooling compartments so when you order, the vehicle drives directly to your location, and skips the usual ordering process where restaurants have to prepare the food and the driver has to pick it up.


Food for Thought:

  • No substitutions. I.e., if you cannot eat bacon, you have to take it off yourself.
  • Mobile app ordering only.  No online orders.

The Good:

  • All leftover meals go to the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services to feed those in need.  They do not serve any leftover meals during another meal period.
  • Happy ½ Hour: During the last 30 minutes of lunch and dinner every day, all food items are up to 50% off.
  • Share FoodJets with your friends and, as soon as they place their order, you’ll receive a $5 credit to your personal account.
  • All their drivers are employees, not independent contractors like most delivery services. And, they are provided benefits!


So, how does this service compare to the others in the marketplace?  In terms of speed, they definitely take the cake.  If you are at work and have 15 minutes in between meetings, this will be your lifesaver. If you are someone that likes variety [of restaurants and menu items], Food To You may be the best bet. However, for the service FoodJets created, it definitely arrived on time.  Food to curb, at jet speed.  


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