Halloween Costumes Already in Your Closet

By Ashley Bradley

(Originally published October 24, 2015)

I like Halloween just as much as the next person; however, every year I get irritated with the ever-increasing prices of Halloween paraphernalia. I have a hard time spending upwards of $50 on a costume that I am likely to wear only one time. Thus, I went in search of a few costumes I already had in my closet.

  • Mime: Throw on a black pair of yoga pants, a black t-shirt, a beret and some white costume makeup and you’ll be transformed into a mime. This costume is particularly comfy (especially if you’ve forgotten to fast for the past week to squeeze into an itty bitty costume).
  • 80’s Prom Queen: Come clean – you know that you have a tiara laying around you’ve been looking for an excuse to wear. With 80s inspired fashion being popular, this costume is particularly easy to create. Slip into any brightly colored or poofy dress and toss on your tiara – tada! You’re an 80s prom queen. (Don’t forget to tease your hair!)
  • Rosie the Riveter: Want to show off your muscles this Halloween? Turn yourself into World War II icon Rosie the Riveter! All you need is a pair of jeans, and over-sized button up shirt and a red handkerchief.
  • Witch/Vampire: Slip into last season’s LBD (little black dress) and do your hair and makeup accordingly. You can run by the drug store on your way to the Halloween party to pick up a witch’s hat or some fangs and fake blood and viola! You’ll be in full Halloween getup for about $10.
  • Cowboy/Cowgirl: Remember what you wore when Jason Aldean came to town? Yup – that passes as a homemade Halloween costume in my book!
  • Sports Fan: Simply dress as though you’re die-hard sports fan (any jersey or team t-shirt will do) and paint your face (or other body parts) to match and you’ll be set.

Some of these are obvious and may be repeats to costumes you’ve worn in the past. Get creative!

Stop seeing your wardrobe for the fashionable garments that they are and start using your imagination.

You never know, Minnie Mouse, Britney Spears, a race car driver, a magician, a lion tamer, Mother Nature or Katniss might be hiding in your closet.

Happy Halloween!

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