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By Cristina Guccione

Cristina Guccione
Cristina Guccione

Many of us are accustomed to the old fashion way of eating in, which was rummaging through old coupons looking for a good pizza deal.  Well, those days are history.  Now there are services that will deliver everything from sushi, to beer, to Sour Patch Kids.  However, if you are looking for a high-quality delivery service that ensures you receive restaurant quality meals – the way the chef intended – Caviar (FB, Twitter, Free mobile app for Android and iOS )  is your go to app.

Founded in 2012, Caviar now brings delivery to diners in seventeen markets across the country including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, and Washington DC.

Well, I’m all for free delivery (all first time customers get free delivery!) so I decided to try out the service on a Saturday evening.  I chose Bombay (Indian cuisine), that I’ve ordered from before through another delivery service, so I could fairly compare the services.  

Choice of Restaurants:  

Right now Caviar is partnering with 23 local restaurants.  Most are new to the delivery scene and some are available through other services.  

Price Point:

For a first time customer the total cost was $8.67 more expensive than picking up my order or dining-in.  This charge was built in as a “service fee.”  It was definitely worth a service fee of $8.67 to have my favorite food delivered to my door.

Delivery Times:

Super fast!  By far the speediest service I’ve seen.  They allow customers to track their order online and see when the order was confirmed, being prepared, out for delivery, and delivered.  It also lets you track the driver on a map (similar to Uber).  From the moment I purchased my order to the time it was at my door, it took only 43 minutes! To put this into perspective, Bombay is located in downtown Sacramento and I live 15 minutes away.

What Makes Caviar Different:

From my experience with other delivery services, Caviar is different in that the food is delivered HOT.  The driver uses a hot bag similar to pizza companies. The packaging from the restaurant was the same as before but this time I did not need to reheat the food prior to consumption.  Also, there is no order minimum.  I have found using other services that I need to order way more food than I want because of their minimums.  One service in town has a $75 minimum for Bombay.  That’s a lot of naan!

Sacramento Caviar App Screen

The Good:

  • The menu for each restaurant includes NEW photos of each dish that were developed just for this service.  It makes the ordering process much easier as we eat with our eyes first. Having an image to help make your choice is a definite plus!
  • I used the comment section to add some dipping sauces I wanted to order that were not on the menu. They included them and did not charge me.
  • You can easily reorder a past order with one touch of a button.  Makes it easy for super hungry, busy people.
  • You can order up to seven days in advance so this service is also good for business meetings and/or events.
  • Reasonable delivery fees! The delivery fee for Sacramento deliveries is only $1 throughout October.  After October it ranges from $1.99-$4.99.
  • You get a bonus if you refer a friend! Share the link they provide (via text, email, Twitter or Facebook) and when they sign up in Sacramento, they get $15 off their first order. After their meal is delivered, you’ll get $15 to use for your next order, too.

Food for Thought:

  • They have a limited amount of restaurants to choose from compared to other delivery services however, they are new to Sacramento.  Other cities they’ve serviced longer have many more choices.
  • Caviar partners with some of the best food trucks across the country and is currently exploring options in Sacramento!

Caviar wants to know, what restaurants and food trucks YOU would you like to see included in their service?  Leave your suggestions in the comment box below!
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