10 Things You Didn't Know About Bogle Winery

By Danielle Ball, Kristen Flowers, Laine Himmelmann, Chelsea Irvine, and Michelle Sweezey

In September, Bogle Vineyards (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) invited Girls on the Grid for some vino and good times at their tasting room in Clarksburg. Here’s some fun stuff that we learned about this wonderful winery…

  • Bogle doesn’t charge for tastings. As in no charge. Ever.  
  • Bogle Vineyards is still very much family owned and operated. When they go out into the grape yards, everyone has a job to do. Current Bogle President and Vineyard Director, Warren Bogle still spends every crush on a harvester.   
  • Warren Bogle (4th generation farmer) decided to plant wine grapes so he didn’t have to worry about replanting his crops every year. Way to #WorkSmarterNotHarder
  • bogleTheir award-winning Phantom Wine is actually named after a spirit the owners felt was on the vineyard. Read the back of the label and experience the flash of jeans and muddy boots with them!
  • Six Generations of Bogles have lived on the property, and Jody Bogle lives there today. Says GOTG Danielle, “It reinforces the realistic potential of my future plans to live, work and drink within a stone’s throw…now to find my own such abode.”   
  • Jody Bogle still personally replies to every single customer concern herself. Yep, even on social media. On a separate, but not unrelated note, she also makes delicious brownies.  
  • Their Chardonnay is a real game changer! Bogle hand stirs every barrel of chardonnay and you can taste the extra love. Says GOTG Chelsea Irvine, “This might be, even with all my apprehensions and preconceived notions, a Chardonnay I wouldn’t turn my nose at. I know many of my friends have had a longstanding love affair with Bogle Chard, but I’ve judged that book by its cover every time.  I can now admit…give me a hot summer day and a cold glass of it and I will sip and savor.”
  • The company plans to expand its existing tasting and parking area to accommodate more visits, eventually including a larger grass area with an outdoor bar space.  Hurray! (Unfortunately, no plans for a “Bogle Bus” quite yet though…we asked.)
  • Petit Sirah was the first wine grape planted by founder Warren V. Bogle in 1968. The original cuttings were part of a 10-acre planting on the home ranch by Warren and his son Chris, who at the time was in high school. Bogle has continued to plant petite sirah over the years, with third-generation wine grower Warren W. Bogle, named for his grandfather, now farming over 180 acres of the varietal.
  • Their tasting room is open 7 days a week. Oh yea!  


Big thanks to Jody and the Bogle team for their wonderful hospitality!  

Bogle is located at 37783 Country Road 144 Clarksburg, CA 95612 – just 20 minutes from Midtown. Their tasting room is open 7 days a week (Monday-Friday from 11-5pm and Saturday/Sunday from 10am-5pm).  

Visit their website at www.boglewinery.com or follow them on:


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