Best Places to View a Sacramento Sunset

By Chantel Elder

Chantel Elder, Editor
Chantel Elder

Typically I photograph people. I never really had a calling for nature photography and always felt like I could never truly capture the beauty of all that surrounds me when my breath is taken away by Mother Nature.  Even so, I can’t help but reach for my iphone when a gorgeous Sacramento sunset streaks the sky.

This year we have had some of the most amazing sunsets too – a very small silver lining to all our forest fires likely.  At least a couple times a week I throw a leash on my dog, or find myself out on an evening at just the right time to watch the sun sink into the West. Below are some of my favorite iPhone shots and locations to watch a Sacramento sunset.  And as a self admitted instagram stalker, I reached out to a few other (insanely talented) photographers and shutterbugs to share their favorite places to see a Sacramento sunset.

Capitol Mall Grassy Divider

Tons of people take pictures of the capitol building from the grassy divider area on Capitol Mall. At sunset a turn to the West with the capitol behind you provides the perfect sunset view of Tower Bridge.

photo credit: Chantel Elder

American River while on a SUP Board

I attended a private SUP class a few weeks back with RiseSUP.  The class wrapped up just as the sun was going down and the American River never looked so pretty.

photo credit: Chantel Elder

Sutterville and I5 Exit on the Sacramento River

Chances are if the sky is full of bright colors and fluffy clouds you won’t be the only person at the Sutterville and I5 Exit next to the river.

photo credit: Chantel Elder

Scotts Seafood on the River

Scott’s Seafood is bike trail accessible and only a few minutes from Downtown by car. You can eat dinner overlooking the river with a perfect sunset view. There is also a bocce ball court and a fire pit to share a bottle of wine and unwind as the sun creeps down. It is pretty perfect.

photo credit: Chantel Elder

Your Own Front Yard

Sometimes after a long day of work I have a tendency to close the door behind me and not emerge until the next day.  What a waste of a gorgeous sunset.  Sometimes opening your own front door and looking up for a few minutes makes a long day seem very far away.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 9.51.30 PM
photo credit: Chantel Elder


Photo credit: Laura Braden

Old Sacramento/Front Street 

Front Street at O st. next to the Embassy Suites Hotel and the Tower Bridge pedestrian walk-way is another picture perfect place to catch all the colors of the sky. Location and image submitted by Kelly Williams

photo credit: Kelly Williams

A Parking Garage

Getting above the city can provide an amazing sunset view and parking garages can be perfect for that.  These photos were taken at the top of the parking garage at 14th and H Street – Grab your camera and watch the view transform!
garage14th and H St2
photo credit Janet Kopper


garage14th and H St3
photo credit Janet Kopper


garage14th and H Street
photo credit Janet Kopper


Freeport Water Tower

Right off highway 99 is our city’s giant water tower that provides an awesome subject to photograph as the backlighting of the sun shines through. Location and images submitted by Martin Christian

photo credit: Martin Christian

Raley Field

As if baseball and hotdogs aren’t reason enough to love Raley Field… the tiered seating is perfect for enjoying a magical evening of recreation and warm skies. Location and images submitted by Martin Christian

photo credit: Martin Christian

American River Bike Trail 

Evening jogs are the best and the American River Bike Trail has no shortage of spots to enjoy the sunset while getting in a head clearing run. This shot was taken right around the 8.5 mile marker on the trail. Location and image submitted by Amy Pine.

photo credit: Amy Pine

Miller Park

Miller Park is another great spot to watch the sunset with river access!

Processed with VSCOcam with e2 preset
photo credit: Xing Liu


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