GOTG's Friday Faves: 9/25/2015

By Danielle Ball

Danielle Ball
Danielle Ball

Friday Faves is our chance to share our favorite local/general and national/lady content from the previous week. This gives us a chance to dive into thought provoking pieces, as well as cheerlead our fave local bloggers. Also, we are adoptive puppy pushers…well, animals in general really – so open your hearts and home and trust us to find you your next best friend.


This brother/sister duo are the cutest kids on the block. Meet Snoopy and Stripey, two bffs looking for some new digs. They enjoy long walks through midtown, kibble dinners for two, and meeting new friends. Contact the Sacramento SPCA for more information.  

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 10.35.31 PM


  • This guy really likes Nutella. A man was arrested earlier this week after allegedly punching another Costco shopper over Nutella waffles.  
  • Martin Shrkeli is a name you’ll hear more of. The businessman recently acquired a drug called Daraprim and raised the price astronomically overnight. This price increase has brought the yearly treatment total for some patients to a sum of hundreds of thousands of dollars. After a public outcry, he has agreed to lower the price.  
  • This man with his train for adopted dogs is my retirement goal.
  • A 16-year-old high school student won the Google Science Fair with an Ebola test that can be performed in just 30 minutes.  
  • A deathbed confession from a retired cop claims that  Tupac faked his own death.
  • Humans of New York introduced probably the greatest human ever. I like that he includes a plan for an apocolypse in his business plan.
  • PETA is suing a photographer on behalf of a monkey for the rights to a selfie.  



Sacramento’s Farm-to-Fork Festival is taking place this Saturday, September 26, from 11am to 6pm. Bring the family and friends to enjoy live music, local beer, and all the farm-to-fork goodies you can handle. Get more details here.  


Friday, September 25th

Saturday, September 26th

  • Release your adventurous side at Endurocross an indoor motorcycle race at Sleep Train Arena.  
  • Have you always wanted to drive a Model T Ford, but thought you were born in the wrong era? You’ve can finally have your chance at the California Automobile Museum.
  • If you love free music and sitting on porches in Midtown, Sac Porchfest is the perfect event for you. #porchwine optional.   

Sunday, September 27th

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