TBD Fest 2015 Survival Guide

By Chantel Elder, Leia Ostermann & Lisa Murphy

Photo Credit: Chantel Elder

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, by now you’ve heard all about TBD Fest, the regions largest music event of the year. EVERYONE is excited, with the exception maybe of people that hate fun. Live music, art installations, local vendors, craft beer, dancing – expect all of this and more. But to survive a three-day music festival, certain preparations must be made to maximize the good times. Lucky for you we’ve prepared our… TBD Fest 2015 Survival Guide!


1) Follow this playlist

So many people say they’ve never heard of many of the bands playing. Check out this TBD playlist to get pumped and discover your next favorite band!

2) Forget looking for parking…bike to TBD

Hundreds of Sacramentan bike to TBD because they have a free bike valet provided by Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates (SABA)! Other alternatives include ride sharing service like Uber or Lyft (be weary of surge pricing at the end of each evening).  Pedicabs are also available on site to take you back into Downtown/Midtown, so you can rest your feet after a long day of dancing. 


3)Bring your own PLASTIC water bottle.  

You can fill it once you enter  festival grounds, plus you can cut down on your carbon footprint.

4) Protect Yourself from Dust

A kerchief is a must because TBD is dusty. Not burning man dusty, but still stomping around in the river bed isn’t the cleanest experience. You’ll be happy you have something to cover your nose. Also cover your feet, and wear close-toed shoes. Booties/Boots or tennis shoes are a must, and trust us – they’ll be all sorts of wrecked by the end of the weekend.


5) Lather on the SPF

Wear your sunscreen and consider a hat. While you will find shade at TBD, it likely won’t be in front of your favorite band.

6) Take Time to Rest

If you are in for all three days, make sure to sleep while you can. You’ll feel much more energized to see your favorite artists and dance the night away! 


7) Bring Cash

It isn’t a must, its 2015, most vendors will have a Square to take your debit/credit cards, BUT lines move faster when you use cash. Everyone likes a fast line. There will also be ATM stations on site, but nobody has time for those extra charges.

8) Bring a Charger but Expect Your Phone to Die

Expect your phone to die and make plans accordingly. Try to meet your friends at a certain place at a certain time and save your phone battery for pictures. There’ll be limited charging stations around the event grounds, but why stand and charge when you could be dancing?!

9) Designate a Meeting Spot

Speaking of friends – have a “go to” spot for each stage. Or a “meet here if we all lose each other” spot.

But be prepared to make new friends when you (inevitably) lose your group. Music festivals are one of the best places to start lifelong friendships.



10) Be Respectful and Have Fun!

Sacramento is so #BLESSED to have a festival like TBD in our own back yard. Let’s not take it for granted. Be a respectful festivalgoer. Throw away your trash in the proper receptacles, be courteous and patient with vendors and staff, and be aware of your surroundings.


We know these all sound common sense, but they are good reminders that will help TBD continue to be an event our community can enjoy for years to come! #WeAreTBD

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