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globalBy Laura Braden

Hey Sacramento – are you 20-29, looking to hone your leadership skills, flex some entrepreneurial muscle and work with like-minded citizens of the world?

Then Global Shapers – Sacramento Hub (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) is for you.

Global Shapers is a network developed and led by emerging leaders that think outside the box and use their time/talents to give back to the communities. According to their website, they “represent all walks of life and share an entrepreneurial spirit, demonstrated leadership ability with potential for growth, and a desire to improve the state of the world.”

Are you diggin’ it?

If so, they’re accepting applications for members now through September 18. In addition to the age requirements, you must be a resident of the greater Sacramento Region or have significant ties that would enable you to fully participate in the community’s activities. What else are they looking for?

  • Young extraordinary individuals with great potential for future leadership roles in society.
  • Possessing unique qualities that set them distinctly apart from the mainstream.
  • Entrepreneurial track record, having already initiated and delivered a major project or founded a company or organization, exceptionally contributing to serving society at large.
  • Ready to deeply engage in the community, reinforcing its mission and objectives and supporting fellow shapers in their individual and professional development.

Learn more and apply here.

Tera Hannah
Tera Hannah

I sat down with one of the founding members Tera Hannah to help explain what folks can expect from the experience.

How did you find out about Global Shapers? What made you join?

I actually found out about Global Shapers when my friend Maya Wallace tagged me in a Facebook post over 9 months ago. I had no idea who the Global Shapers were or that there was even a hub in Sacramento. I checked out the website and saw that there were only a handful of members, including my fellow City Management Academy alum Rubie Simonsen, so I googled Sactown Shapers and found this article. Two hours later, I had watched half a dozen World Economic Forum YouTube videos and researched different projects other hubs were working on- from earthquake relief in Nepal to improving water access in Cartagena. I thought, “This is my chance to be part of something new and different in Sacramento.”

In order to join, you have to be between 20 and 29 years old. I gave it some thought and realized if I didn’t apply during the winter cycle, I would “age out” and miss my opportunity. I went through both rounds of interviews and met amazing people like Brandon Weber of the Urban Hive and professional life coach Rey Castellanos. We talked about how we envisioned the future of Sacramento and how to elevate the region on an international level- from the Sacramento Kings and TBD Fest to addressing homelessness and creating public markets like San Pedro Square in San Jose; I was hooked before I even left the building.

What can members expect from the experience?

  1. Expect to laugh a lot.
  1. We have several projects in the pipeline, so we meet twice a month – on the first Monday and third Friday – for “work meetings.” I actually look forward to these meetings all week because they are fun and collaborative. Over the past few months, we’ve built this safe space to be creative and open with each other- and we are constantly learning from one another. Our past and current curators challenge us to think outside the box, and every member feels like a valuable part of the team. We have also bonded a lot recently because of Volunteers Untapped. Think XOSO meets United Way. Every second Saturday, we volunteer in the community for a few hours and then meet up at Low Brau for drink specials!

What’s been the most surprising thing from the experience?

What has been most surprising is that I feel like we are going through the same lifecycle of a startup. We are figuring out what works and doesn’t work. A few months ago, we realized that our meetings were too structured and that we were literally having meetings about having meetings. It only took one fabulously productive work meeting to decide that all meetings should be work meetings, because we can work on tasks sooner and make decisions faster. We also experimented with how best to communicate about different projects. We all used to be inundated with lengthy email threads about every single project, and one day Rey suggested we use an app called Slack. This app allows us to stay organized and get push notifications on our mobile devices or desktops, and I especially look forward to when anyone posts funny memes or (cat) GIFs on our “random” page.

If there’s one thing applicants should know about Global Shapers, it’s…

Sky’s the limit. If you have an idea, this group is here to support you. Global Shapers are working on a myriad of projects across 450 hubs. We are all passionate and committed to improving the world, starting with Sacramento.

Happy collaborating!

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