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By Erica Root

Erica Root
Erica Root

I was prescribed my first pair of glasses in the second or third grade. I upgraded to wearing contacts right before freshman year of high school and continued to do so up until about three years ago. That’s when my eyes decided to rebel against me, refusing to provide the tears necessary to keep my eyes from getting scratched up.

As a result, I limit my contact wearing to very special occasions. Opting always for the more practical spectacles.

If you are also subjected to wearing glasses everyday, you know that sometimes it can be a little boring to wear the same thing day in and day out. At a couple of hundred bucks a pop, I cannot exactly buy several pairs of eyeglasses to mix and match with my outfits and my mood.

Enter Zenni Optical.

Zenni Optical is a website that allows you to buy eyeglasses. Really affordable eyeglasses.

When I learned about Zenni from a co-worker a few months ago I was intrigued, so I called up my optometrist’s office to get a copy of my latest prescription. Two weeks later, it popped up in my mail and I went onto Zenni’s website to pick out my next pair of glasses.

Not that I needed another pair of glasses. But I really wanted one. Just an extra pair with my up to date prescription that could be worn for fun and in the event something happened to my other pair.

And Zenni made it easy. I got to provide my prescription information and although they recommend you send them a copy of your prescription, it isn’t a necessary step to move forward with your purchase.

Buying glasses online is a completely different experience from buying them in person.

There is no trial and error process. They have a few stock photos of men, women, and children you can choose from, or, if you are patient, you can upload your own photo to the website to try on the glasses virtually. I went the lazy route and didn’t upload a photo. Ultimately I figured it wouldn’t help me too much in my decision making process.

I perused the website for close to two hours. Going back and forth between a couple of different options.

I decided on some Buddy Holly-esque glasses with a base price of $9.95.

That’s crazy affordable.

But, of course, the price did creep up a little as I went to check out with my purchase.

Since I have a fairly high prescription, I needed to add $20 to the cost of the glasses to make sure I didn’t have bottle cap sized lenses. This is always the case when I buy glasses, so I wasn’t caught off guard at all. And, honestly, $20 is waaaaay less than I would pay anywhere else to have them reduce the lens size. So, money well spent.

There was an additional $4.95 to get an anti-reflective coating put on the lenses. Add a final $4.95 for shipping and the purchase was complete.

Total cost: $39.80.

For a whole new pair of glasses.

I was down-right giddy after making the purchase.

One week and one day later I received my brand new pair of glasses in my mailbox. I was astonished with the turnaround.

And I like them. Sure, the plastic frames are a little thicker than I was expecting, but I can see out of them, they look trendy, and it’s a whole other pair of glasses for under 40 bucks.

I don’t think they will replace my other pair of glasses completely, but they were never meant to.

They serve their purpose perfectly and offer me more than one option when I reach for my glasses in the morning.

I already plan to buy a second pair of from Zenni. This time, I’m going for some prescription sunglasses.

Wish me luck.

another erica glasses pic


Erica takes off her glasses

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