Beer Me at the CA Craft Beer Summit!

By Leia Ostermann

Leia Ostermann
Leia Ostermann

It’s been a big year for craft beer in Sacramento. We have sixty-six craft breweries in the region, eleven within city limits and nine I can ride my bike to, with more planned to open later this year.

We’ve had breweries teaming up with craft coffee roasters and chocolate makers for creative beers and beer infused desserts, Rubicon Brewing Co. celebrated its 28th birthday, Yolo Brewing Co. is selling beer at Farmers Markets, Sacramento News and Review could easily name 50 leaders in the Sacramento craft brewing community and New Glory Brewing Co., New Helvetia Brewing Co., Rubicon Brewing Co. and Berryessa Brewing Co. walked away with first place medals at the California State Fair with six other Sacramento-region craft breweries awarded second, third and honorable mentions.

Cheers to Sacramento!

But why is all of this important? Because Sacramento is an emerging community for craft beer lovers and on September 11-12 we are lucky enough to host the first-of-its-kind CA Craft Beer Summit and Brewers Showcase.


What does this mean exactly?!

At the beginning of Sacramento’s Farm-to-Fork week, Sacramento will transform into a beer lover’s’ paradise.  This (never been done before) event is especially for craft beer lovers, home brewers and industry members alike to come together and immerse themselves in a hands-on education and the vibrant, statewide craft beer community.

We are talking food and beer pairings, educational seminars on brewing 101, a step-by-step guide to opening a brewery, advanced courses on beer styles, tastings and promotion, tap talks on the history of the industry, women in brewing, and how to age beers at home. Plus, an open expo hall where everyone from a craft beer lover, to a home brewer, to the founder of the craft brewing movement in California can walk around, share a pint, and discover the world of craft beer together.

Perhaps even more exciting to Sacramento beer lovers is the Brewers Showcase Beer Festival, a culmination of the two day Summit featuring 150 craft breweries from across the state – including tiny microbreweries that don’t typically distribute outside of their hometowns. This premier festival represents the first and largest collection of handcrafted, California-brewed beer ever served in one location. Lucky for us it just so happens to be in our Capital City!

On top of too many one-ounce pours, everyone from industry members to beer lovers can learn whatever they want to learn about craft beer. A full list of the education seminars can be found online here. Spoiler alert – the list includes some of our Sacramento favorites, including beer and food pairings with Chef Patrick Mulvaney, interactive displays with the hops grown right here in Sacramento (yay Ruhstaller!) and a homebrew demo area where local clubs will brew their best beer right on the expo floor. Don’t miss the Sacramento love on Friday – our hometown breweries, Track 7, Rubicon Brewing Co. and New Helvetia will be on a panel talking about beer in Sac!

Whether you’re on the IPA-train, chose a Saison on a warm summer day, or are committed to tasting sours, this is the event for you to experience the culture, taste different varieties, and immerse yourself into the world of California’s craft beer.


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