Seasons Coffee: Bringing Specialty Coffee to the Everyday Drinkers

By Kellie Edson

Kellie Edson
Kellie Edson

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve noticed that there is no shortage of specialty coffee places in Sacramento.   Sacramento has been named one of the top 11 Best Cities in the WORLD for Coffee Lovers. When Coffee Review listed it’s top 30 coffees for 2014, Sacramento had  more blends on the list than any other city in the country. We’ve got this coffee thing DOWN here in Sac.

Seasons Coffee has a different and fresh take on the “Third Wave” Craft Coffee culture; and they are taking the local craft coffee game to the next level.

Benza Cox Lance and Greg Cotta are the people behind this two-man operation making coffee in the heart of Midtown, located just off of 19th street.  But they aren’t a typical neighborhood coffee joint. Actually, they aren’t a coffee shop at all, instead they are operating as a delivery and subscription-based service of whole bean, precisely ground and cold brew coffee.

I was curious as to why they decided to go this route versus a traditional coffee shop.  Greg says “Our small infrastructure allows us to focus on the product itself and turn out really high quality coffee. We don’t have to compromise that to pay for barista training and organic milk.”  

The coffee really does speak for itself.  While visiting their Midtown location, I tried their Cold Brew “Bold Crew” coffee.  This coffee is a blend of their Ethiopia Aricha and Columbia El Mango coffees. These two are 94 and 93 point coffees on Coffee Review respectively, so as you can imagine, the blend is awesome.  

This is also something unique to Sacramento because, they offer delivery of their 64 ounce growlers of Cold Brew all over the greater Sacramento area.  We used to get Farm-Fresh-to-You and I remember telling my husband that it was like the produce fairy came every Thursday night.  Now a cold brew coffee fairy?! That’s even better!  

You simply leave the bottle out the following week and they’ll drop you a new one.  I talked my husband into trying out this service and I have to say that coffee fairy came on the most perfect day after my toddler had given me a particularly rough night. Check out more info on the Bold Crew and see if your location is on their map.

Besides cold brew, they offer a coffee delivery service where they will send you either whole bean or coffee ground to your specific brewing needs, right to your home. There are options for weekly, biweekly and monthly delivery in both 12 ounce and 1 lb subscriptions with a variety of blends and single origin options.  

“Really, whatever you like, we’ve got the coffee that you want,” says Greg.

It’s true, no matter your taste, Seasons will help you find the brew that’s right for you. I’ve really enjoyed both the Ethiopia Aricha single origin and the Piccolo blend.  Both have bright, bold, fruity notes.

Another really cool thing about Seasons is how much they support other local businesses, artists and their overall collaborative vibe.  Ben who has worked in specialty coffee for the last 12 years, serving at Temple, co-founding Insight, and then working in Arizona, saw what a similar group was trying to do with coffee delivery in Arizona and figured out how he could build upon that concept when he moved back to Sacramento. With the help of long time family friend Greg Cotta – formerly of KDVS and Fox 40 – Seasons was born.   

“Right now we are always looking to collaborate with interesting, talented people who are excited about coffee,” says Greg.  They have partnerships with Bottle and Barlow, SeaStand Productions and local artist Shawn Burner, among others.  Local supporting local, one of our favorite things here at Girls on the Grid.

As you would guess, the name Seasons came from the idea that the coffees available (much like produce) will change with the seasons, with the varietals varying over the course of the year. Much like our local farm-to-fork restaurants, Seasons sources the best coffees during each particular season of the year, and has relationships with the farmers that produce the coffee.  “For example, the guy who owns the farm where the El Mango comes from?” says Greg, “His name is Hector and it’s a family owned farm.  It’s cool that we’re able to know that.”

Both Ben and Greg ooze passion and knowledge when it comes to coffee. They want to make quality coffee accessible to everyone.  “We are kind of like the ‘Third Wave’ Mom and Pop,” Ben says.  “And really, there is too much amazing coffee out there for us to not all be enjoying quality coffee at home.”

I couldn’t agree more.  I’m about halfway through my second pound of Seasons coffee and my first bottle of cold brew and I’m definitely a fan.  I can’t wait to see what expansions, collaborations and other projects these guys have in store for Sacramento.  To find out more Seasons Coffee and their delivery services, visit their website:

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