Summering in style with Birkenstock Midtown: Not your grandma’s comfort shoe

Amreet Sandhu
Amreet Sandhu

By Amreet Sandhu

I’ll be honest; I wore Birkenstock in the early 90s and figured I wouldn’t wear them again. However, after reading this—I hope you will reconsider, as I have.  In addition to traditional and more modern styles of Birkenstock, the boutique shop – Birkenstock Midtown (2500 J Street) (Facebook, Twitter) – offers so much more.

“We are having a marvelous resurgence of the comfort shoe,” says Toni Budworth, co-owner of Birkenstock Midtown.

Staffer Patrice Brunette with the fabulous sock selection on the right

Toni is absolutely right. This is not your grandmother’s comfort shoe. The comfort shoe is refreshingly darling these days. Two decades ago, my favorite comfort shoe was a rugged Dr. Martin’s sandal. When that wore out from many summers of use, I switched to a more elegant Pikolinos’ Mary Jane style sandal in blue and brown leather with a stacked heel and rubber sole for maximum traction and shock absorption.

For me, cute at the expense of comfort is rarely the choice I exercise, absent a special occasion—and even then I try to strike the right balance.

For these reasons, I LOVE Birkenstock Midtown. I love it not only because it carries a wide selection of cute comfort shoes, including Pikolino, Cobb Hill, KEEN, Earth, Dansko, and many others, but because Toni Budworth is the perfect women to buy shoes from because she’s a local expert on happy feet and which shoes are best for particular activities.

This year, my mother will be summering in Spain and seeing quite a bit by foot. Unfortunately, my mother experiences excruciating and chronic foot pain as a result of her peripheral neuropathy and plantar fasciitis. Though shoes do not cause the pain, they can certainly aggravate it. Toni knew just the perfect shoe for mom and spent almost an hour consulting her on her options.

Birkenstock Midtown has been in business for 22 years and on the corner of 25th & J Street for 13 years.  The boutique is open Monday-Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and closed on Sundays. In addition to shoes, the shop offers adorable accessories including stylish yet practical handbags, passport bags, tasteful jewelry, fun socks, and more. Items are perfect for summer travel, outdoor adventures, or a Sacramento summer staycation walking the grid.

Happy shopping!

featured image photo credit: Birkenstock Midtown



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