First Timer’s Guide to a Bikini Wax

By Kelly Conroy

Kelly Rathburn Conroy
Kelly Rathburn Conroy

originally posted 7/15/2014

I don’t think anyone is ever stoked to go to a waxing appointment. Regardless of where it is on your body, having hair ripped out of your skin is simply unpleasant. Though I’ve been getting my eyebrows waxed for nearly 10 years, I was wholly unprepared when I took the plunge into bikini waxing. I was, understandably, bashful about it the first time and went into the appointment prepared with nothing but blind faith and a bundle of nerves. And what I experienced can only be described as a bikini wax butchering.

After nursing my wounds and rebuilding my courage, I tried it again with much better results. Now, with many a successful bikini wax under my belt (pun intended), I’m hoping the tips below will help you avoid any potential first timer trauma.


1) Do your homework

When it comes to a bikini wax, Yelp and personal recommendations* are your best friends. Read reviews, talk to your friends, and find the right person to do the job.

 2) Know what you want

There is more than one way to wax a bikini line. Make sure you know what kind of bikini wax you want so you’re not caught off guard by the extent of hair removal. You can leave some behind or wave farewell to all of it (front and back) with a Brazilian. A bikini wax isn’t cheap, so be sure you’re getting what you want.

 3) Schedule accordingly

The week before and during your monthly “visitor,” your body tends to retain water which makes your skin more sensitive and waxing more painful. For your first experience, schedule your bikini wax sometime during the other two weeks of the month. Also, leave room for some redness to disappear. If this wax is for a special occasion, give your skin a day or two to recover from the shock before the big event.

4) Prepare the area

It can be tempting to try and gussy up before you head into your first bikini wax, but try to remember that you’re hiring a professional to do that for you. If the hair is too short, wax won’t stick to it, so just leave it be and let the pros do the heavy lifting.

5) Hydrate

Drinking water is the #1 beauty tip of all time because it’s really good for your skin. And after your first bikini wax, you’ll be introduced to a fresh layer of skin that you might never have met before. Stay hydrated to keep that skin healthy before and after your appointment.

6) Avoid alcohol

I have personally made the mistake of consuming alcohol before a bikini wax. I get it – you’re nervous, it’s going to hurt, and it’s kinda awkward. But alcohol thins blood and tightens hair follicles, which means that shot of whiskey, while it may boost your courage, is going to create a pretty unpleasant waxing experience.

7) Remember that it will all be over soon

Depending on what style you chose and how much maintenance you need, you can count on about 15-25 minutes of waxing. And while it hurts like the dickens every time one of those strips of paper is ripped away, it doesn’t last long. By the time it’s all over, you should have completely forgotten the pain, which makes it a lot easier to go back for round 2.

8) Post care

Waxing can be tough on such a sensitive area, so be sure to take care of that fresh layer of skin. Moisturize regularly and be careful about sun exposure if you’re heading straight to the beach. Most importantly, talk to the person that just removed all that hair to see if they have any specific skin care tips for you.


A little prep can go a long way before your first experience with a bikini wax. Remember to do your research and feel prepared before committing to any hair removal. It might be painful, but if you find that it’s worth it for you, you’ll be a pro by round 2.

*If you’re in the market for your first bikini wax, or just a new venue, I highly recommend Margaret Ledoux Lamb at Space07 Salon. She saved me from life-long trauma after my first bikini wax at another salon and has become my all time favorite esthetician!

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  1. Rachel Frampton says

    Thanks for these great tips on getting a wax. I found it really interesting that it’s important to moisturize the area after waxing and that it will be sensitive so it’s best to avoid sun exposure. I will have to keep all this in mind when I get my bikini wax.

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