Jet Setter: How to Travel Like a Lady Boss

By Michelle Sweezey

Michelle Sweezey
Michelle Sweezey

I just returned home from another week-long stretch of travel; this time I was in four states in seven days, which is becoming par for the course for me as I have been home for 27 of the last 50 days.

If I look back at the 50 days leading up to that I’d be willing to wager I was probably gone for at least 15 of those days as well; probably more.

So, not ruling out the total possibility that I am gypsy descendent, it’s safe to say I travel a lot. Some of it is for work, some of it is for fun, but most of it is for both.

Some of my friends call this crazy. I call this winning-at-life.

I will admit, however, that it’s easy for things to get complicated, confusing, stressful, and unhealthy when you travel this much. However. . . it doesn’t have to be. For real. You can have your cake and eat it too. Gluten-free, if you’d prefer.

Below, I present some less than standard (read: obvious) tips for you to carry with you, on how to stay sane and healthy while on the road.


How To Travel Like a #LadyBoss

  1.  Bring an empty water bottle. Think this is obvious? Let’s chat after your next $4.95 bottle of “fresh filtered water” from Travel Zone. Mmmhmmm. Where’s your refillable bottle now?
  2. Pack your own healthy food and check it. I’m not even joking. I drink Wholehearted juice for breakfast every day, and my last four trips, flights and all, I took juice with me. Bye bye hotel breakfast, hello happy start to my day.
  3. Quit being a hermit with your noise-canceling headphones, downloaded videos and hip-hop-saved-my-life playlist. Turn your damn phone off and talk— as in, eye contact, handshaking, real deal conversation, to the people next to you on the plane. I promise the world will not stop turning while you disconnect from technology for three hours. I also promise you will meet some cool people. I also, also promise if the latter is not true you will at least have a good story to tell later. (To me, probably. In the comments section below. . .)
  4. If you’re a pre-flight drinker, order a double at the bar before you get on the plane. It costs about $2 more than a single, and saves water on ice and dishwashing. Because drought, that’s why.
  5. Get your feet up after you land to reduce inflammation. This fancy pants yoga pose is called “legs up the wall” and has three very complicated steps. Step one- lay down next to the wall. Step two- put your legs up on the wall. Step three- stay there for up to seven minutes. Sidenote- maybe wait ‘till you get to the hotel to do this one, although, I have been spotted on more than one occasion doing this at the gate. Also, at baggage claim. Also, when waiting for my uber. Details. . .
  6. Stop eating crap food the entire trip. I’m dead serious. Don’t even start with that whole “I’m on vacation” or “it’s hard to eat healthy when you eat out” business. It’s not. You’re choosing not to try. Look for veggie heavy, low sodium dishes (your feet and hands will thank me later for this one). Order salads without dressing or croutons. Choose lean proteins. Ask for your burger to be served sans bun. Walk away from the cheesecake. I’m not saying no treats, but I am saying… if you have them with every meal, you’ve kind of lost the point of them being a “treat,” now haven’t you?
  7. Leave the Drama Queen at home, on the stage and lighten up. Drop your shoulders away from your ears, take your entitlement crown off and smile already. Compliment people. Say thank you. Chill the f#ck out. Yes, shit happens. Your flights might get cancelled. They might get delayed. You might miss a connection, lose your luggage and your wallet. Know what? It’s going to be okay. You will get home. You will have food. Somehow you’ll get some sleep. People come through for you if you are calm, polite and generous with your own time and energy. If you make everything a big deal, then it will be. Choose your response wisely.


Travel well Sacramento, perhaps I’ll see you in the air sometime soon. Smile at me, guarantee I’ll smile back.

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