#MidtownSacDogs – Join Our Pack!

By Laura Braden

Laura Braden, Advisor and Co-Founder
Laura Braden

From CVS and Bevmo to Hot Italian and LowBrau, midtown Sacramento is a pretty dog-friendly place. We have a variety of parks, including a phenomenal dog park at Sutter’s Landing (28th and C), and plenty of dog-friendly rentals.

But ask anyone who lives in an apartment and works a full-time job, and they’ll tell you there’s ALWAYS room for improvement.

That’s because good dog owners see and treat their pets as treasured members of the family. They literally form a pack, and like any good pack, you want to be together as much as possible. If I could take my dog to the office, grocery story and drinks with the girls…I would (and on some lucky days, have). There’s nothing worse than coming home from a long day at work, taking your dogs on a quick walk and then leaving them behind while you run off to [fill in the blank]. It’s simply another symptom of this livability-millennial-work-life-balance paradigm we all seem to be running after.

1507003_1575420739392923_7331030117784778771_nEnter #MidtownSacDogs (Facebook, Twitter) – an informal, grassroots movement to support pet adoption and help make midtown Sacramento even more dog-friendly.

And we have our first official project – securing a dog park at 19th and Q.

A little background… According to SacTown Magazine“The proposed park would feature two dog play zones (one for larger dogs and another for smaller ones) separated by an art pavilion, which will provide guests with a lounge area to watch their canine friends under the shade of a metal-framed structure intertwined with vines and greenery.”

The Sacramento Bee goes on to explain that “plenty remains to be done… Residents and officials will collaborate on a final design, and the city’s master parks plan must be amended. Planners will estimate cost and funding must be secured, then builders can begin construction.”

I say bring it on! Here’s the top 5 reasons I’m supporting – accompanied with some of the cutest puppy GIFs on the InterWebs.

1. It’s Cheaper than the Original Master Plan

Do we really need another park with a big concrete landscape and fountain in the middle? No thanks. The dog park will actually cost way less than the current master plan. It also has support from the surrounding developers because they understand their tenants (mostly young professionals and entrepreneurs) want a lot of civic and entertainment options within walking distance.


2. It’ll Improve Quality of Life & Increase Foot Traffic to Local Businesses

Imagine waking up, grabbing a coffee/juice/smoothie, walking a few blocks to the park and letting your dogs run around while you catch up with friends and meet new neighbors. Now imagine that routine several times a day. Sounds pretty lovely, doesn’t it? And with so many dog-friendly patios in the vicinity, play dates could easily turn into first dates. #wink


3. One is Not Enough

Do we need one yoga studio in midtown? One cold-pressed juicery? No – and the same goes for civic amenities like dog parks. I love Sutter’s Landing (28th and C), but we live at 15th and L with two 12-pound pups. By the time I walk them over there, they’re pooped. And getting in my car to drive my dogs for exercise feels…wrong.


4. It Won’t Just Be a Dog Park

The design team has pulled inspiration from across the nation to make this more than a simple dog park. Everything is still TBD, but imagine an art mural, sculptures, community garden and/or a path with imprinted paw prints that families have purchased to honor/memorialize their furry best friends…are we getting excited yet? Check out the initial design (still up for debate) and design precedents.


5. The Design is Still TBD

…Which brings us to my final point. The design and funding is still TBD, and they’re asking for community input. We have a real opportunity to shape this public space into a gathering area for the entire community. If you’d like to get involved, you should come to the CADA Community Meeting today (Wednesday July 15) at 5:30pm. Details and more information can be found on the Facebook invite.


Big or small, change is coming to Sacramento. Let’s all join the conversation to ensure we build the next great American city that stays true to Sacramento’s amazing culture and history.


You tell us – why do you support a dog park at 19th and Q?


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