GOTG Profile: Jennifer Keller, Harmony Rogue Interiors

By Kelly Conroy (Photography By Chantel Elder)

I’m squeamish when it comes to color and unnerved by patterns. So, when I walked into the bright storefront of Harmony Rogue Interiors, I felt a little intimidated. The shop was eclectic and colorful and made me feel like I was inside my new favorite TV character’s apartment.

I sat in a plush chair upholstered in a royal blue floral print and faced Jennifer, the owner of this fearlessly decorated shop. As we talked about her store and her path to business ownership, I couldn’t help but admire her body language. She had settled into an armed chair with a mismatched, leather ottoman. Ankles crossed in front of her and arms in high posture by her side, she looked like the ruling queen of interiors.

Jennifer Keller, Owner of Harmony Rogue Interiors. Photo Credit: Chantel Elder

Jennifer Keller arrived at Harmony Rogue Interiors through a twisting path of artistry. After years of “trying to make the art thing work,” and running into roadblocks and layoffs, she reassessed her entire approach and decided she wanted her own space. “Once I decided what I wanted to do, things started arriving,” she explained. Jennifer added vintage flare to her formal art background and began repurposing items to make them new and useful in different ways. The store itself is arranged with combinations like secondhand treasures next to an artillery crate end table underneath an original work of art. “Sometimes the art industry takes itself too seriously,” Jennifer explained, “Sometimes I just want to paint something pretty and fun and not have it be part of some weighty topic.”

Sitting inside Harmony Rogue, surrounded by the bustle of J Street and the intricate assortment of furnishings, I asked Jennifer how she became so creative. With years of formal training and experience, she confessed the principles of design are second nature to her now. “But, anyone can be creative in anything,” she continued, “You can be a creative mom or a creative corporate CEO.” And at the heart of Harmony Rogue Interiors is the encouragement to find your own, unique form of creativity.

So I asked Jennifer how a design-averse person like me could begin to incorporate some new style at home. “There is a lot of emotion in art and design,” she explains, “And it’s all about you and what you find fun and humorous. If you have a ‘yes’ reaction to something, just get it. Trust what you like and believe the other things you like will go together.”

Lucky for us, Harmony Rogue Interiors is partnering up with Art of Environments to bring a couple lucky people one big step closer to a dreamy, well-designed home. You can enter their contest online for a chance to win up to $200 toward interior design services and décor. Plus, by entering, you’ll receive free design tips from Jennifer herself so you can start embracing the color and creativity of Harmony Rogue Interiors in your own life.

And if you like the feel of Harmony Rogue Interiors, be sure to check out Jennifer’s favorite shops in Sacramento including Sugar Shack (which started carrying Jennifer’s handmade jewelry 11 years ago!) and Scout Living – Jennifer’s go-to referral for even more unique and antique design pieces.

Photo Credit: Chantel Elder
Photo Credit: Chantel Elder

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