Apron to Apron: An Interview with Syl Mislang of The Roaming Spoon

By Mary McCune

If you are craving to discover a unique date-night activity in Sacramento, start looking out for the pop-up dining experience that is The Roaming Spoon.  Created by culinary engineer, Syl Mislang, The Roaming Spoon is an exclusive experience for foodies that transforms some of your favorite Sacramento spots like Shine Sacramento and Orphan into intimate dinner experiences. Guests pay for their seats in advance and wait for Syl to announce the location of the dinner the day of the reservation. Upon arrival, guests introduce themselves to 10-12 strangers and begin sharing each other’s favorite bottles of wine.  From there, Syl and her lovely crew begin serving five unique courses comprised entirely out of vegan fare from local farms.

After chatting with newfound friends around a candlelit table garnished with freshly picked flowers and stuffing my face full of vegan delicacies, I was able to interview the culinary mastermind behind this hidden Sacramento treasure…





MM: Amazing 5 Course Meal! How did you get the idea for The Roaming Spoon? 

I was able to experience a pop-up dinner my friend hosted and I was truly inspired by it. I felt I could do this but make it vegan. With the encouragement of friends and family, The Roaming Spoon was conceived.

MM: What do you hope to get out of The Roaming Spoon?

Besides being a culinary creative outlet, The Roaming Spoon pushes us to make each dinner memorable than the last. It challenges us to be better. We want to surprise people and we do.

MM: What is the easiest way to incorporate local flavor into vegan or veggie cooking?

It’s pretty much knowing what the local farms have available during each dinner and create a seasonal menu with it. One of our goals is to stay true to the Sacramento region.

MM: Aside from Facebook and Instagram, where else can we find you?

We are also on Twitter at @theroamingspoon. You can find us on the last Sundays of the month at Shine Coffeehouse for our Potato Lovers Brunch. Keep your eyes open because we could pop up anywhere at anytime.

Lastly, I like to end each of my interviews with a small round of questions to really truly get to know a person.  Since you are a foodie, I am dubbing this a “Popcorn Round”:

  1. Spinach or kale? Both
  2. Sunrise or sunset? Sunrise
  3. Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla for it’s “blank canvas” so to speak
  4. Michael Jackson or Elvis? Michael Jackson
  5. The Office or 30 Rock? 30 Rock
  6. Pickles or olives? Olives
  7. Paper or ebook? Paper. I don’t think I’ve ever even touched an ebook
  8. Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars
  9. Android or iPhone? Android

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