Mamas Night Out – June 27

By Jamee Villa

Jamee Villa
Jamee Villa

If you are like me, you love a good party; it’s even better when the party is supporting a wonderful charity. At Beatnik Studios on June 27th, this party is fighting childhood cancer.

The charity is called “Mamas Night Out, “ A benefit for an organization called Unravel Pediatric Cancer.

Unravel Pediatric Cancer is a nonprofit organization working to spread knowledge about the grim realities of pediatric cancer and the devastating impact from the lack of funding. We supply the information, tools and support to individuals and communities that want to help create change- because good people want to do good things but sometimes they need help getting started. All monies raised by Unravel will go directly to the fight against pediatric cancer.

Melissa Rainsford reached out to me and wanted to share why this event needs us there.

Her friend, Libby Kranz, founded the Unravel charity last year, after she unfortunately lost her 6-year-old daughter Jennifer to a rare cancerous brain tumor called DIPG (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma). After her death, Jennifer’s tumor was donated to her team of medical researchers at Stanford, and all of Unravels proceeds go directly to this team of doctors, who are working so vigilantly to find a cure.

Melissa decided to take action and play a role in this new non-profit that Libby has created. As her friend she knew couldn’t say anything or change anything to help the loss of a child. She knew she could do something. She decided to hold this event to raise awareness and to bring together our community in Sacramento.

Its frightening that most of us know someone who has/had cancer. It can make you sick to your stomach if you know a child with cancer. We all want to help and we all want to protect children. I believe most would do anything we could with the resources we have available. But did you know that cancer is the #1 cause of death for children? A majority of funding is sent to adult cancer and trickles down to the children. Can you believe that? As a Mother, I cannot imagine the pain Libby and her family went through. As a human being, I think, well what can I do?

Melissa, Libby and myself ask you to attend this event. Learn where these funds are going and why it is so important to keep supporting cancer studies especially for the children.

Here is recent video showing what Unravel is all about:

You can purchase tickets here. We hope to see you on June 27!

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