Down-Diggity Dog Yoga with Your Dude

By Jen Lorenz Tucker and Matt Tucker (Guest bloggers)

Guys who are lucky enough to have a lady yogi in their life know:

1) You look awesome in your yoga pants

2) He better not throw his dirty t-shirts in the washing machine with your pricey yoga gear

Many dudes have the mistaken perception that yoga is a ladies-only activity. That’s why we need your help in setting the record straight to give the men in your lives a little motivation to roll out their mats.

This month at Zuda Yoga, we’re trying to get more men to try out yoga. We’ve got some fun activities planned and we’re offering a free yoga class this month to men who are new to Zuda.

Matt first tried yoga 7 years ago because he was looking for something to replace his inconsistent running practice. He found a challenging physical activity, but yoga has also opened him up to amazing things like love, happiness, and compassion for others.

Here’s some information to use to help convince your man to hit the yoga studio:
· If it’s good enough for King James, it’s good enough for him: While your man is on the couch watching the NBA finals, LeBron James is smashing records playing in the finals. LeBron has a regular yoga practice, your man doesn’t. Coincidence? There’s only one way to find out for sure!

· Brews and bros: On June 16, we are hosting a yoga practice geared for men. After the guys sweat it out in the Midtown studio, they’ll clean up, and hop next door to get on to the Sac Brew Bike for some manly bonding time. Off the grid, Zuda is hosting similar brunch and BBQ events at our Roseville and Folsom studios.

· Benefits off the Mat: From improving his golf swing, to helping him in the bedroom, to preventing injuries, yoga benefits him long after he says, “Namaste.” Men’s Fitness did a good job breaking down how yoga helps men.

When all else fails, grab him by the arm and just take him to the studio with you. He really can’t resist your charm when you’re rocking those yoga pants.

Married yogis, Jen Lorenz Tucker and Matt Tucker, both teach at Zuda Yoga’s Midtown studio. You can find Jen on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday mornings with perfect playlists to start your day. You can catch Matt’s awesome playlist in his classes on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Jen Lorenz Tucker and Matt Tucker, Zuda Yoga

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