Worth It: ClassPass

By Kearsten Shepherd

Kearsten Shepherd
Kearsten Shepherd

If you’re like me, you have memberships or purchase class packs (or drop in rates) at a number of fitness studios in town. I personally had a membership at a barre studio, a pilates studio, a yoga studio and a cycling studio. Because I utilize each studio for a different workout, the cost of variety is hundreds of dollars overall. And while it would be great if all of these places got together to offer an overall membership, the chances of that is slim to none.

Enter ClassPass!

ClassPass, launched here in Sacramento in late March, offers subscribers the ability to utilize multiple fitness facilities for one low price! So, for $79 a month (a steal) you can take classes at any of the more 30 studios in town registered with ClassPass. The best part is, they have something for everyone – barre, pilates, yoga, boot camp, cross fit, personal training, spinning, and much, much more. This was a no-brainer for someone like me that likes to try different things and have variety in my workout. I signed up immediately and started using my ClassPass. The whole process is easy. I downloaded the app to my phone and was able to search classes available and sign up on the spot. That said, there have been a few issues as they’ve tried to get this off the ground here in Sac. I signed up for one class that no longer exists at a studio, but the owner contacted me right away and alerted me to the situation – he even offered me three free classes at his studio for my inconvenience. And then there was the time that I went to the “core and more” class that was supposed to be 45 minutes – which turned out to be a 70 minute (hard-core) boot camp. But all in all, I’ve really enjoyed trying new classes, new studios, and meeting new people.

So what’s the catch? Well, there are a few things that aren’t ideal. The first, is that not every studio in Sacramento takes part. So some of your diehard favorites may not be a part of ClassPass (as was the case for me), but it could be a chance to broaden your horizons. Also, not every class at every studio that participates is available – which means, if you have limited availability in your workout schedule, you may have a harder time finding classes that you want to take in the times you are able to take them. And last, but not least, you are only able to take three classes at each studio a month. If you find a class you really like, you may have to purchase additional classes on top of your ClassPass membership to do that.

Overall, I found ClassPass easy to use and definitely worth the membership fee. Whether you’re a daily workout fanatic or just want to try something new, ClassPass is a great investment in your health and in yourself! Girls on the Gird verdict: WORTH IT!

Me and my ClassPass sidekick Chantel Elder sporting matching CP tank tops checking out a Barre Class at 6am!

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