A Step in the Right Direction

By Amy Thoma

Amy Thoma
Amy Thoma


It’s probably a safe assumption that you are either reading this article on your phone or it’s very close by. We barely know what it’s likely to electronically disconnect, let alone take the time to disconnect during the day.

While our phones, tablets, and other high-tech devices have made our lives easier in many ways, they have also helped create a population of people who don’t move around as much.

Researchers studying college students a couple of years ago found that using a cellphone —  much like watching television or sitting at a computer — may keep you from being active. Yikes!

Life gets busy. Between work, meetings, family pressure and trying to manage our lives it leaves very little time for exercise unless we wake up in the4am hour.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said nearly 80 percent of people are not getting the recommended amount of exercise every week, which is about two and a half hours of moderate activity. That comes out to about 30 minutes five days a week. And it’s not just older people, it’s everyone.

Why is this problem? Other than the fact that inactivity can make you cranky; heart disease, diabetes, obesity and a host of other health conditions are all linked to inactivity.

The good news is… there is good news.

Many of these health problems can be effectively managed and even prevented with some simple steps, literally.

If you work on the grid, join the Kaiser Permanente Walk to Thrive. It’s an easy one-mile walk through downtown, led by a doctor. The new season kicks off Thursday May 7 at 11:45am and it starts at the Farmers Market on Capitol Mall. It’s a lovely way to spend a lunch break and a lot of fun.

This is your chance to make a weekly date with your health. It’s even more fun with friends. Hundreds of downtown and midtown workers have been walking with us every week since the Downtown Walk to Thrive started in 2013.

I like going with my colleagues. We head out for a walk, hit the farmers market for healthy snacks and go back to the office feeling pretty refreshed. As long as I remember my flats.

We know walking works. Walking 30 minutes a day, five days a week is the first step toward better health. And you don’t have to do it alone. Join us for the Walk to Thrive. It kicks off Thursday. Get more information at www.kpwalktothrive.org.


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