Worth It : Blue Apron

By Christi Barnas (Guest blogger)

As a busy Mom that also happens to love healthy, and tasty food-  preparing meals can be such a chore.  While I love great food, the recipes that took me half an hour to find on the internet don’t always end up looking like the photo. Also, who wants to go to the store after work? Because really, you know I just ran out of EVOO or need kale – anything creative I pick out on Pinterest to make, usually requires a grocery store trip after work.  Ugh.

Enter Blue Apron

What it Promises: Blue Apron promises healthy, fresh and planned meals delivered to your door. They take the planning, shopping & measuring out of cooking and just leave you feeling like a chef in the kitchen, all for under $10 per person, per meal. They also promise each meal takes about half an hour to assemble.

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How it Works:  You log onto their site, order the meals you want, add your credit card for payment and voila! A box shows up on your door step with EVERYTHING you need to prepare a meal. It is pretty much that simple.  What did we do before the internet? How did we live?!

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GOTG Verdict: Yay! and a few mini Nay’s

Let me explain – Yay for delicious food that I didn’t have to plan or grocery shop for. Yay for a husband that thinks I am the next Barefoot Contessa and Yay for perfect portions (not too big, not too small).  9 times out of 10 I love everything about Blue Apron.

Where is the Nay you ask?

Nay for misreading a step and yes, it can really jack up a meal.  TIP: Read carefully to get it all just right, pay attention to timing and order of operations people.

Nay is also for the meal taking more than the promised 35 minutes.  It isn’t that big of a deal,  but let’s just say this might not be as good of an ideal baby shower gift as I thought for expecting parents. You have to chop and actually prepare the meal. You are actually cooking and assembling so it does take time and if you have a kid rolling around on the floor demanding attention or a juice box or you are trying to participate in a text string with four other people –  35 minutes is a little inaccurate. Allow an hour for dinner and be surprised when you come in under the timer.

Where to Find it: Blue Apron is all online, visit their website here. They have a few other competitors out there that tout the same business model. I haven’t tried them yet to see if there is a real difference because so far I have been pretty happy with Blue Apron.

While I have a few honest mini Nay’s for Blue Apron, my overall opinion is a thumbs up. I love the convenience of being able to prepare a creative and healthy meal for my family with ease. If you find yourself busy and bored with your food options but also love the idea of cooking in your own kitchen give them a try! 


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