Happy Mother’s Day to the Women Helping Raise My Child

By Yessenia Anderson



The old saying is that “it takes a village to raise a child” well I’ve come to find out that village, for me, is made up of…


Dedicated grandmothers, loving day care providers, and a network of other mom’s within a Facebook group’s reach away.


September 15, 2013 Alexander Jackson Anderson was born and I had everything completely under control……and by that I mean I was a complete and utter mess.


So here’s to the women that have helped me keep it together, or at least picked up the slack when I couldn’t.


To the lactation nurses who never gave up on my breast feeding journey even though I was about the 5,367th mom to come in crying over latching issues.


To the ladies in my mommy group who let me cry, whine, and obsess over my baby’s weight through those three months of maternity leave.



To the mama’s who strangely enough still wanted to be friends with me after group and who have continued to bond with me over our now toddlers new found love for testing his limits.


To my mama friends who share sweet glances of understanding with me as we chase our kids during what’s supposed to be ‘catch up girl time.’


Then there’s the day to day…

The two infant teachers that took a five month old and helped him through milestones

The two toddler teachers that turned my 13 month old baby into such a little boy

Who checked off a list of different developmental leaps tracking every victory

Who made Spanish a priority and signing a way of expression

Who put up with my picky preferences of homemade baby food and organic whole milk but helped me be ok with forgetting to bake those yams the night before

Helping me to be ok with being a working mom and helping me focus on the boy growing happy and healthy in front of me

Who hand me written reports with important notes but share the really significant information like how he held his fork the whole time during his lunch and cut a flower to bring to you



To my mami, who while an hour away comforts me over the phone as if two feet away

Who worries with me when Alex’s fever spikes

Who cleaned my home without judgment, or at least vocalized judgment, because she knows the long work week and sleepless nights didn’t leave me with much energy for dishes

Who stocked up on toys, kiddy couches, and clothes before Alex was even conceived – but very much wanted

For the overnights you blesses us with so a couple could reconnect and reenergize

And for all the Mexican home remedies I mostly ignored but sometimes worked like a charm




image03To the woman who raised my incredible husband and who has stepped in to care for our boy twice and sometimes more every week

For the all the grandma cuddles and warm embraces

For holding him for hours when he just wouldn’t stay down in his crib

For nursing him back to health even while knowing it meant yet another cold for you

For doing house chores and giving us a glimpse of a clean house during a long work week

For making an extra side of your lunch because you know Alex will want a bite

For the overnights you slept with him even as he tossed and turned just so we could have eight hours of slumber

For being the balance of a bustling preschool and the reason Alex is able to start the week in the comfort of his own house

For teaching him life skills, new words, manners and just plain fun

The list can go on and on…


To the women raising my child, you are an extension of me, I see you in Alex’s chunky cheeks, I see you in the way he speaks and I see you in all he does….. because he is much a product of me, as he is of us.


Happy Mother’s Day ladies, here’s to many more!


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