#GiveBigDog – GOTG Favorite Local Organizations

Today, Tuesday, May 5th is the Sacramento-area’s annual “Big Day of Giving” – aka #GiveBigDogThe Sacramento region will come together to today to donate to non-profits across the region.

Starting at 8am, you can go to www.bigdayofgiving.org and give to the local non-profit of your choice. According to the Sacramento Regional Foundation every year, the average Sacramento region household donates 11% less to charity than the average national household. This means reduced services from organizations already hit hard by budget cuts. Let’s come together and fund our favorite causes!


If you’re looking for a place to give, the Girls on the Grid have suggestions on some of our favorite organizations:

Amy Thoma: The GreenHouse. I’ve been involved with the GreenHouse for nearly 9 years. We provide after school tutoring, leadership development and family support in the Gardenland/Northgate section of Natomas. This area has hundreds of kids in two square blocks living below the poverty level. Kids in our programs are going on to college, doing well in school and thriving! http://www.TheGreenHouseCenter.org.

Laura Braden: As much as I love BDOG, it’s almost intimidating by the sheer volume of deserving nonprofits in our community. How do you choose? I think the best way is to really focus on your personal interests, rather than marquee names. I’m a cray dog mom so I’m investing in Front Street Animal Shelter ,which always goes above and beyond in saving/caring for local animals. I’m also a proud Board Member of the Food Literacy Center, which works tirelessly on a scrappy budget to ensure local children have education and access to healthy food. Considering a lot of the kids we service have never tried broccoli or beets, it’s greatly needed. And lastly, since I believe every woman should be given the opportunity to empower herself, I’m supporting WEAVE, Inc., which provides services on everything from domestic violence to human trafficking. Happy giving!

Kelly Conroy: 916 Ink is an incredible organization providing an outlet for youth to explore creativity, emotion, literacy, community, and so much more. Writing is a powerful tool for internal and external exploration and expression!
And of course I have to plug Sacramento Tree Foundation! They work to provide the benefits of green space to our entire region. Benefits like lower crime rates, higher property values, cleaner air, and better health. Trees give Sacramento a sense of place and knit our communities together. Everyone deserves a tree. #givewhereyourrootsare

Jamee Villa: The Little Voice Project seeks to eliminate the incidence of Court-Ordered Child Abuse in America. Our organization believes that children who are raised in warm, supportive, and nurturing environments are more likely to develop into responsible adults. Thus, The Little Voice Project aligns with the Family Court’s mission to preserve the family unit so long as its preservation does not create a risk of child abuse (in all its forms) and/or neglect of any child. In court cases that involve documented abuse, however, The Little Voice Project aligns with the Protective Parent, aggressively advocates on behalf of the child who has become lost in the system, and strives to return the child to a safe environment where they can thrive.

Laine Himmelmann: Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento  because there’s no greater feeling then when I have the opportunity to see parents working to give their kids a home and the look of pride and excitement on the kids faces when they have their own room for the first time in their lives. I also love WEAVE, Inc., they have an extremely talented team that does incredible things to battle domestic violence. I also love Cristo Rey High School Sacramento where they give low-income children the opportunity to work for their dreams and receive the education they deserve.environment where they can thrive.

Leia Ostermann: Artists drive the creativity and community in Sacramento. Donate to Sacramento Ballet.

Kearsten Shepherd: Front Street Animal Shelter – City of Sacramento. As an animal lover, this one is near and dear to my heart. Supporting the Front Street Animal Shelter helps provide quality care for thousands of animals that come into the shelter each year – including emergency and advanced veterinary care. Donations to the shelter also go to support adoption and outreach programs. There is nothing better than helping a pet find their “forever” home.

Lisa Murphy: I second Sacramento Ballet. They don’t get nearly the love they deserve. Sacramento Steps Forward is also a very important resource in our community, finding solutions to end homelessness in our region: http://sacramentostepsforward.org/

Meghan Sullivan: Sacramento Public Library Foundation and/or Friends of the Sacramento Public Library because who doesn’t want to support literacy in the community? Did you know that a donation of $25 buys two books for teens, books to support art programs for adults, or even a game (or two) for our “Library of Things?” A $50 donation allows the Library to purchase three new children’s books, which will be read hundreds of times.

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