Old Sacramento Chocolate Week: May 4-10

By Maria Hill

Maria Hill
Maria Hill

With all of the celebratory food and drink weeks that Sacramento has (isn’t being the Farm to Fork capital awesome?!) it seems impossible that chocolate was overlooked. Not to worry, from May 4-10 Old Sacramento is giving all of us with a sweet tooth the chance to pay tribute to our favorite food group with the first ever Old Sacramento Chocolate Week. The week will feature a number of creative events that highlight chocolate including tastings, food demonstrations, and – my personal favorite – beer and chocolate pairings.

To find out more about what to expect from this sweet celebration I went straight to the source, Executive Director of the Old Sacramento Business Association, Chris McSwain.



GOTG: Hi Chris! Thanks for taking time to answer a few questions about the upcoming Chocolate Week. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your involvement? 

CM: I’m the executive director of the Old Sacramento Business Association.  We work with businesses, museums and the city to make the visitor experience in Old Sacramento as much fun as possible.  Old Sacramento is the highest concentration of family-owned small businesses in the region — over a hundred in just a few blocks — so we are always looking for ways to add a little more fun to the experience.


GOTG: This is the first year for Chocolate Week, where did the event idea come from?

CM: The idea for Chocolate Week came from a casual conversation with Dennis at Turtles back in February. It was right before Beer Week and right after Bacon Week – you know there’s chocolate-flavored beer and chocolate-covered bacon, right? It just seemed like chocolate makes every good thing great. It seemed if there wasn’t already a Chocolate Week in Sacramento, we could start it.  After all, chocolate is in Old Sacramento’s sweet spot (forgive the pun).  We have three chocolatiers, candy shops, dozens of restaurants with chocolaty desserts.  We have bars that serve chocolaty brews and cocktails, and coffee shops with chocolate coffees.  Once we thought about it, it occurred to us that every week was already Chocolate Week in Old Sacramento.


GOTG: What types of events will be featured during Chocolate Week event?

CM: We will kick off on Monday turning the weekly Fat City Trivia Night into Choc-la-Trivia with chocolaty questions and prizes.  We have several businesses that will be doing different types of tastings throughout the week, including a beer and chocolate tasting at Ten22, and other businesses that you wouldn’t expect to be chocolaty will be getting in on the fun.  Tango by the River will be doing a Tango demonstration accompanied by chocolate, and Ana Apple, a children’s boutique, will be having a mother’s event on Saturday that will include massages and chocolate.  Perhaps the highlight will be our Choc-la-tour.  Old Sacramento is famous for our pub crawls, and we wanted to try a non-beer crawl.  Ticket buyers will get to visit eight of our businesses and get diverse samples of chocolate at each — and maybe open your minds to what wonderful things chocolate can do.  It only costs $8 for a couple.


GOTG: What is your personal favorite chocolate treat?

CM: I’m a big fan of dark chocolate.  And the chocolate covered red vines at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory are addictive.  But to be honest, a chocolaty stout is irresistible.  A decadent way to relax at a bar at the end of a long day.


For more information on chocolate week events visit: http://oldsacramento.com/special-events/chocolate

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