Celebrate National Arbor Day

Kelly Conroy

Kelly Rathburn Conroy
Kelly Conroy


Among the many wonderful things April brings – the spring weather, longer hours of daylight, and sprouting gardens – a national holiday stands quietly in the background.

Often overshadowed by the ubiquitous Earth Day, National Arbor Day has been a celebration of our planet’s greenery since 1872 when Nebraska first challenged the rest of the country to plant and care for trees.

gWhile the magnificent tree canopy of Sacramento is often taken for granted, it took decades of dedicated citizens to turn our town into “The City of Trees.” Believe it or not, Sacramento was originally known as a City of the Plains and offered little in the way of an urban forest. Thankfully, early residents recognized trees for their many benefits – including shade during the ungodly Sacramento summer heat – and began to grow the huge trees we see around us today.

The celebration of National Arbor Day is partly to recognize these beautiful, green gifts we’ve been given, but really, it’s a day of hope, good will, and action. National Arbor Day doesn’t just look back on the incredible feats of forestry from the past, it implores every state, city, and citizen to leave a legacy for future generations to enjoy.

By planting a new tree, caring for your current trees, or even just taking a moment to look up and thank a tree for all it does, you are creating a healthier, happier, and greener Sacramento. A Sacramento I hope my grandchildren will want to call home.

So today, on National Arbor Day, send some hope to the next generation. Plant a tree. Water a tree. Hug a tree. Decades ago, someone did it for us. It’s our turn.

Check out Sacramento Tree Foundation for local tree action and California ReLEAF for statewide tree stewardship.



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