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By Jamee Villa

Jamee Villa
Jamee Villa

When Nicole Maybaum started marking jewelry 3.5 years ago she had no idea the impact she would make on her families lives. Bip and Bop (Facebook, Etsy) was created after Nicole was pregnant with her twin daughters Brooklyn and Isabella. The girls were born at 33 weeks. While Isabella was healthy, Brooklyn stayed in the hospital for 11 weeks and was diagnosed with a hole in her heart and a failure to thrive.  She had a feeding tube surgically placed when she was 11 weeks and was finally able to come home, just about the time Nicole’s maternity leave was over. “I sadly returned to work and missed being away from my girls every moment and juggled three doctor appointments (neurologist, cardiologist and gastroenterologists) per week for Brooklyn as well as physical therapy, feeding therapy and other early intervention therapies. It was a very hard time for our family. I dreamed about being able to find a way to make an income while working from home, during naps and bedtime”.

Nicole did just that. She did a lot of research and taught herself how to make the same jewelry she makes today out of her Folsom home. It  has become a creative outlet to distract her from the stress of having a child with special needs.

Just about the time her daughter Brooklyn had her open heart surgery (she was 9  months old and weighed only 13 pounds), she decided to open up an Etsy shop to “see what happens”. At this point, she had nothing to lose.

(Very) slowly but surely, sales grew and she was eventually able to quit her day job a few short months later. She was absolutely thrilled to be able to spend her days with her girls while making an income! What Mother wouldn’t be?

bip and bop2
Nicole Maybaum


Eventually, sales grew so much that she had to ask her dear friend Gretchen who was also a stay at home Mom for help. Bip and Bop sales have increased so much that she has employed three more of her friends (and former college buddies) as full time help!

I met Nicole through her husband, Dan who was a former work colleague of mine. Dan came into the office one day talking about how his wife was creating a new jewelry line. He brought in a few pieces and we snatched them right up. Over the course of Bip and Bops creation she has created some note worthy pieces that have been featured in several magazines and she has shipped personalized pieces to Lauren Conrad, Bethany Frankel, Tori Spelling, and Jillian Harris!

Bip & Bop also stocks pieces perfect for using at your wedding, like her bouquet charms – they can be customized with your initials or wedding date, or to honor a loved one who’s passed away. Nicole makes bracelets, earrings, and necklaces that are perfect for any special occasion as well as just everyday wear. Each comes individually wrapped and ready for giving, and includes a customized note!

Bip and Bop is offering our GOTG readers with a special 15% off. Use GOTG15 when checking out and get 15% off your purchase! As if that wasn’t good enough, Nicole is also giving away a $100 gift card for Bip and Bop products. Comment below on what you would love to buy with your $100 gift card and we will randomly select a winner.

Instagram: BIPANDBOP



bip and bop3
Nicole, Brooklyn and Isabella

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  1. Veronica Espindola says

    I would love to use the $100 Bip and Bop gift card to purchase some personalized pieces from my Mom and Aunts. With Mother’s Day coming up, it would be so nice to treat the amazing women in my life to something shiny and special. My Mom and my aunts are all hardworking, loving and giving women who always take care of others before themselves <3
    P.S.- I love Bip and Bop and have a piece in my own jewelry collection 🙂

  2. Allison Moore says

    Love the shop and everything in it! The Jessica necklace is my favorite. And I love Nicole’s story.

  3. Danielle says

    I absolutely LOVE this site! I would purchase the Bouquet Charm and necklace in loving memory of my grandmother that just passed away last month, as well as sterling silver Infinity Bracelet.

  4. Katie says

    I had heard of Bip and Bop but never knew the story behind it – what an inspiring story! I can’t even decide between all of the beautiful charm necklaces, but it’s a close tie between the arrow necklace & the feather & charm necklaces!

  5. Sharon Dean says

    Nicole, I love all your pieces, but I would like anything hammered or the sideways cross.

  6. Lindsey says

    Love this success story and this shop! I’ve been following this shop but never knew there was such a touching story behind it. Perfect gifts for independent & feminine gals.

  7. Jamie says

    Recently came across this etsy shop and would love to get a few items!! A gift card would be amazing! I’m a new mom and I’d love to get either the Kourtney necklace or the Kim cluster. Maybe the skinny Jessica too. Oh man. I LOVE sooo many. I may get a couple…lol. So happy the shop is a success for this mom

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