GOTG Review: Vampire Penguin, Shaved Snow and Desserts

By Kelli Gould and Yessenia Anderson

The Girls on the Grid just love when a new business opens up in our neck of the woods, especially when it’s a dessert spot!! And so we welcome Vampire Penguin with open arms as one of our newest downtown neighbors! Vampire Penguin is located at 907 K Street. You won’t miss it because there is no other nearby store that you could possibly get the name confused with! And look at that cute bow tie!

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When the two of us gals walked in to Vampire Penguin, we first had to decode the menu. You don’t see these kind of items too often around here! Almost everything sounded very new, very different, yet very intriguing! Purple yam macaroons! Mexican Candy shaved snow! Taro shaved snow with jack fruit and condensed milk! What the what?? We can’t make these things up, folks. These are actual desserts and please believe us when we say, they are delicious!!! This is not your ordinary shaved ice, snow cone, slushie or slurpee. This is legitimate snow. Dessert snow. Sweet, delicious dessert snow. Okay, now we know why they have such an unusual name – it’s difficult to think of the right words to describe the place and the experience!!

As first time visitors, we decided to try the most popular selection, according to the Vampire Penguin crew – the Strawberry Cheesecake. They said you really can’t go wrong with this one and they were right! We also tried the Smoreos, Mexican Candy and the waffles! Tip – toss a bit of your shaved snow on top for some added flavor, but beware of major brain freeze! Anyway, everything we tried was amazing! Both of us are hardcore chocolate lovers, so we were surprised that we kept going back to the strawberry cheesecake! It was light, refreshing and really delicious! Keep in mind that one large order was plenty to split between both of us.



Not only does Vampire Penguin offer up some seriously legit shaved snow, check out the rest of what’s behind the counter including sweet boxes of specialty macaroons, milk tea, chai tea, and their “create your own” choices! Oh and btw, they even have a secret menu! So make sure you ask about that! If you’d like another behind the scenes tidbit, be sure to also ask the staff about the story of how they got their name. We don’t want to spoil it for you, but the laughs were worth it!

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