Local Women Making History: Jen Grimsley- Aloy

By  Brittany Hansen (Guest Blogger)

Analog, polaroid, alternative process, darkrooms. These are the things she talks about. She impacted my life without ever knowing how much I valued her conversation. In celebration of Women’s History Month, I want to introduce you to Jen.  Jennifer Grimsley- Aloy is making history in Sacramento every day. Whether it’s through her kindness and patience as a licensed clinical social worker or the beauty she finds within the city that she shares with us, Jen is making an impact on the lives of the people around her.

I first met Jen while working a bar shift at Insight Coffee. She was a regular there and would stand by the espresso machine as I made her latte with an added shot, and we would chat. She was always so friendly and invested in the conversation. It didn’t matter if she came in a few days or weeks later, she remembered the minute details of our conversation. After months of these small but inspiring chats, I found myself in another one of my many existential crises and luckily,  Jen was there. Her outlook on life always brings my exaggerated crises into perspective 

Jen isn’t afraid to be bold and unique, an example of how to be comfortable in your own skin. She is the most creative person I know. This isn’t due to her doing things considered “artsy”, either.  Jen oozes creativity from her innermost being and it’s beautiful.  She is passionate about the artistic process and is most inspired by others who are also feeding their passions, whatever those might be.  Her personal artistic focus for the past few years has been photography.

There are so many creative and talented people walking around the grid and we don’t always realize it.  This inspiring woman has lived in Sacramento for over 12 years.  When she’s not saving people from existential crises, really, she’s a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who consults in the mental health field, She is taking phenomenal photos while exploring the grid with her super-cool- 8-year old son. He, not surprisingly, has also developed an interest in taking photos in the community.

What I appreciate about Jen is that, like many other creative people in our community, she somehow balances career and family while pursuing artistic passions.  This can be quite a daunting task. When I asked her about how she does it, she told me that she wasn’t always good at this balance, especially after becoming a parent. She explained the importance of finding and nurturing your talents outside of work is not only healthy but fun. She feels Sacramento has rich opportunities through our many colleges, clubs, and workshops to explore a new interest or two.

The creative people in the world see things a bit differently,  allowing the rest of us with our heads to the ground to view this place with a different perspective. Jen Grimsley-Aloy is one of these many creative people that are a key component in making Sacramento a great, diverse city.

sacphotowalk 013 - Color boost

Jen doesn’t do photography for money or attention, but you can see how she views the world by visiting her at: Ello.co/fondushka


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