“DIY”ers REJOICE!  The ReStore Has Just What You’re Looking For

By Laine Himmelmann 

Laine Himmelman
Laine Himmelman


I feel a bit self-serving writing this article since I work for Habitat for Humanity, however after spending the past few weeks hearing patron after patron exclaim that they wish they had known about this place earlier, I’d like to think of this article as a PSA for this wonderful little Home Depot meets Goodwill/“Do It Yourself” paradise.

If you’ve never heard of the ReStore before, it’s basically the giant retail store of Habitat for Humanity that’s open to the public.  Inside the ReStore you’ll find new and used donated building supplies, furniture, fixtures, unique tiles, appliances, and home furnishings – all for discounts of 50-70% off retail price.   (Also everything you buy goes to support building Habitat homes for low-income families).

Most of the furniture in my home has been purchased from the ReStore, including my dresser and TV stand.  I even once purchased a legitimate bar from the ReStore.  The ReStore gets new products from places like Ashley Furniture and Costco, as well as some really awesome retro old-school donations – I’ve seen all sorts of things come in here from pastel pink toilets, wildly colored tile, and even hot tubs and bicycles.  The ReStore hosts over 50,000 square feet of product so if you’ve never been before, it’s worth checking out.


Whether you’re looking for dirt cheap hutches, tile for making mosaics (or creating cool table tops), wood, flooring, and pretty much anything else you can think of , the ReStore is a great place to find the product for your next DIY project.  In fact, the ReStore has become such a local staple for DIYers that the ReStore staff recently created a “DIY Board” showcasing some of the projects people have created with ReStore products.  They also created their own Sac ReStore Pinterest page to showcase project ideas using ReStore product.


The ReStore is located at 819 North 10th Street Sacramento, CA 95811.  It’s about 5 minutes north of the grid, just right off Richards Blvd (by Krush burger ☺)

Open Tuesday-Friday from 9am-6pm and Saturday from 10am-5pm.  Sunday and Monday it’s closed.

Want to know more?  Visit the Habitat for Humanity Greater Sacramento website www.habitatgreatersac.org and click on the ReStore tab. Happy Shopping DIY’ers!!!

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Footnote: In addition to shopping, you the ReStore always accepts donations (if you’re ever not sure what to do with your old dresser, toilet, tile, or bath tub and would like a nice tax write-off).

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