My sister, my friend

By Kearsten Shepherd

Kearsten Shepherd
Kearsten Shepherd

I started off 2015 with an amazing vacation with my husband …. and my sister. That’s not how it was originally planned, but it’s how it turned out. And while I was somewhat hesitant about actually traveling as a threesome, it turned out to be one of the best vacations I’ve had in a while – because I reconnected to my sister in a way I never would have imagined.

I should start off by saying that my sister and I have never been super close. Naturally we started off as best friends. As young children we shared a room, and toys, and friends, but over the years we gradually grew apart to the point where we really didn’t know each other anymore. I mean sure, we saw each other on holidays and the occasional trip down to Santa Barbra (where she lives now), but we really didn’t talk outside of that – in fact, our communication consisted primarily of texting on occasion.

But this vacation gave us hours of uninterrupted time to catch up, really talk to each other, and of course bond. I forgot how funny my sister is – and how we have the same sarcastic sense of humor that often offends others. I forgot how warm and thoughtful she is, and how she is more like me than unlike me – even though I always tend to focus on how much we are different. I also forgot how much I like my sister.

We laughed more together over those seven days than I have in months probably. We revived old inside jokes and found new ones, quoted old movie lines and sang songs (much to my husband’s dismay), went on new adventures and really talked – more than anything we talked. And through this amazing week of unlimited cocktails and sundrenched days I rediscovered my sister. And more than that, I rediscovered a true friend – someone who knows me better than most and understands me because we are family.

In 2015 I have pledged to be a better sister, and a better friend to her. To pick up the phone and make a call, rather than the occasional text. And to take more of an interest in my sister and her life, because she is much more a part of mine than I gave her credit for. I am lucky to have a sister that I also call my friend, not everyone does.

Kearsten Shepherd


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