A Single Girl's Guide to V-Day Weekend

By Danielle Ball

Danielle Ball
Danielle Ball

We’re already well into 2015, and we’re coming up on the first big holiday of the year; Valentine’s Day. As someone with discerning taste in men, (and someone who likes to stay home on Friday nights) I’ve had my fair share of V-days while single. While it would be nice to find a soulmate, I’m not pining away for a relationship at the moment. Rather than compete with crowds in restaurants and watch while couples spoon feed each other dessert, I have my own agenda for the weekend.

FRIDAY After a long week at work, a drink is the perfect way to set the tone for a fun weekend. What’s better than one drink? A “taste” of several. Hosting a whiskey tasting with a few friends sounds like the perfect relaxing evening. Have each guest bring a whiskey to taste and serve appetizers that won’t compete with the flavors of the alcohol, such as a cheese tray with crackers. After the tasting, order take out or throw a pizza in the oven and relish in your new-found whiskey knowledge.

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SATURDAY Pamper yourself with a new manicure. Early morning is the best time to go, as hopefully everyone else will still be too tired/hungover from the night before. After your mani, treat yourself to a movie in the theaters. During the day is my favorite time to go, because often there are few other people sitting near you. (One small warning, in order for this solo trip to work, you should probably stay away from a certain sexy movie that launches this weekend.)



SUNDAY While I love and treasure all of the female friendships in my life, I probably don’t tell them enough. What better way than to host a Galentine’s Day Brunch? Invite your closest friends and supporters and surprise them with a morning dedicated to friendship. You don’t have to go full Leslie Knope (Google it, it’s worth it.) but maybe spend a bit of time making your loved ones a card that tells them how much you care. Something along the lines of, “I love you more than vodka…” if you want to go all in.

That, my friends, is the perfect weekend. A combination of time with friends and time alone, plus a bit of pampering and whiskey thrown in for good measure. Enjoy!




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