It's Crab Feed Season in Sacramento!

By Lisa Page

Lisa Page
Lisa Page

In case your holiday tradition tragically does not include crab (like mine), no need to worry – It’s crab feed season in Sacramento! There’s a slew of crab feeds in the Sacramento area over the next month or so, which is your chance to eat endless amounts of fresh Dungeness crab. You shouldn’t have to look too far to find a crab feed near you. The Delta Elementary Charter School in Clarksburg is having one on January 31, and the Junior League is holding one on Feb. 20, just to name a few. The bottom of this post includes a more complete list of upcoming crab feeds in the Sacramento area.

I’m by no means a crab feed expert, but being both civic-minded and a lover of all-you-can-eat crab (most any food really), means I usually end up attending one or two every year. There are numerous crab feeds to choose from, starting in January and going well into March. If you haven’t attended one, yet, you’re in luck as I found at least one crab feed every weekend through February.

I’m not here to promote any one crab feed but instead to encourage you to check one out if you haven’t before or it’s been a few years. Did we miss one? Please let us know. I find that people have certain stereotypes about crab feeds – immediately lumping it in the category of the all-you-can-eat buffet at Sizzler. The fact is while the soup, salad and pasta may just be so-so, the crab is really good, and it’s a great way for non-profits, churches and schools to generate some much needed funds.

And yes, while it’s true that there are plenty of obnoxious crab feed regulars who take their crab eating WAY TOO seriously and could care less about the community ‘do-gooderness’ of the event, the rest of us can outnumber them. Yes, they do bring their fancy tablecloths, candlesticks and silver like they’re eating at Morton’s instead of in a community center or church hall that holds hundreds of people. They also expect five-star service (they missed the memo about it being a CRAB FEED). The good news is that they usually travel in packs and likely won’t end up at your table.

Before looking at the list below and deciding which cause you care about and crab feed you may want to attend this year, there are a few pointers I wanted to pass along for those of you who are crab feed virgins:

  • You eat the crab cold, with your hands, so bring a crab cracker (a nut cracker will work too) and little crab forks or picks to make it easier and faster to dig out the meat.
  • The process is a messy one and may not be the best pick for a first date. Most crab feeds provide a plastic bib (very attractive) and wet ones, but you may want to bring some extra wet ones or a towel just in case.
  • Check to see if the crab feed provides melted butter. It’s much easier than bringing your own butter and having to figure out a way to melt it (with say a candle and ramekins). Also, check to see if they provide other condiments like lemon wedges and cocktail sauce or if you need to bring those with you.
  • Some crab feeds include beer and wine while some have no-host bars or start you off with a complementary bottle of wine at your table. Decide which you prefer. I like the ones with beer and wine included. I know it’s for a charity, but who doesn’t love a great value?
  • Bring your checkbook or your credit card so you can participate in the silent auction or desert raffle.

One final tip: Save room for the crab which is the last course. Don’t fill up on the bread, soup, salad and/or pasta that are brought out in advance. You can eat those items any time. This is about the all-you-can-eat crab…and of course, the charity.


Upcoming Crab Feeds (let us know if we’ve missed one):


Saturday January 31

Jesuit High School Booster Crab Feed

6pm Jesuit High School Gymnasium

Delta Elementary Charter School Crab Feed


Saturday, February 7

Hornet Club Sacramento State Crab Feed

6pm Citrus Heights Community Center


Friday, February 13

Ducks Unlimited 9th Annual Crab Feed

5:30pm Scottish Rite Temple


Friday, February 20

Junior League of Sacramento’s 6th Annual Denim and Diamond Crab Feed

6 p.m., Scottish Rite Masonic Center


Saturday, February 21

3rd Annual Crockett-Deane Ballet Crab Feed

6:30 p.m., Calvorhol Family Winery – 5265 Willow Ave. Clarksburg

Delta Chi Crab Feed

5:30p.m., Scottish Rite Temple, Sacramento

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Alumni Chapter, Crab Feed

5 p.m., Boys and Girls Club, Sacramento

Aerospace Museum of California Crab Feed

5:30 p.m., 3200 Freedom Park Drive, McCellan

Greater Sacramento Kiwanis Crab Feed

5 p.m., Buddhist Church of Sacramento, 2401 Riverside Blvd., Sacramento


Saturday, February 28

Cristo Rey High School Crab Feed

5 p.m., Cristo Rey High School Gymnasium, 6200 McMahon Drive, Sacramento

St. Mark’s United Methodist Church Crab Feed

6pm La Sierra Community Center, 5325 Engle Road, Carmichael, CA


Saturday, March 7

Central California Hemophilia Foundation Crab Feed

5:30 p.m., Elk’s Lodge, Sacramento

Sacramento Crime Alert Crab Feed

5 pm Citrus Heights Community Center


Saturday, March 14

LPCCI Crab Feed 

6pm Citrus Heights Community Center


Saturday, March 28

Del Campo Booster Club’s  Annual Crab Feed

5 p.m., La Sierra Community Center, 5325 Engle Road, Carmichael

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  1. Chantel Elder says

    Wow! Thanks for the amazing list on this! I have actually been that person that showed up with a table cloth, candelabra and melted butter with my own personal cracker, haha but only because my room mate convinced me that that was what the cult crab eaters did. I was a bid deal though because they all wanted my butter 🙂 Loved your post and I will be referencing it!


  2. Franclyn says

    Bring your own garlic salt and you become even MORE popular. 🙂

  3. scards says

    The Sacramento County Association of Reserve Deputy Sheriffs (SCARDS) is proud to announce our 2011 Crab Feed.

    The monies raised from this event directly support the Sacramento Sheriff Reserve Officer’s by providing funding for training, supplies and equipment for the men and women who donate time to serve their community and provide vital services in this difficult economic era.

    SCARDS also provides donations for other local charities including the Sacramento Law Enforcement Chaplaincy, Fallen Officer’s Memorial Fund, the Sheriff’s Explorer program and other worthy causes. This is the single fundraising event of the year to support our volunteer officers. We would like to cordially invite you and your friends and family to this fun event to help support these caring men and women who volunteer and help keep our community safe.

  4. Vicki says

    Lambda Theta Phi aka Lambs is also hosting a crab feed in Stockton on March 12th at the Scottish Rite Center. All proceeds are donated to local charities. This crab feed doesn’t just benefit one charity but rather over 30 different charities. For more information or for tickets please contact Samantha Chamberlain at 2094561864

  5. Sutterville Elementary Class of 2018 says

    Sutterville Elementary Class of 2018 is hosting its 2nd Annual Crab Feed

    It’s guaranteed to be a night of great food, great company and lots of fun.

    Saturday, February 7, 2015
    5pm – 10pm, dinner served at 6pm
    SASF Community Center in Elk Grove
    $50 per ticket

    Delicious cooked crab dinner (Asian Style), with shrimp chip appetizer, Asian salad, fried rice and Hawaiian style ribs.
    Fabulous raffle and auction, music, dancing and no-host beer and wine bar

    This is an Open seating event – purchase your tickets in advance and arrive early to grab the best seats. Secure seating with your friends by purchasing a table of 8.

    Online tickets can be purchased @

    More info @

  6. Hami says

    March 9th is Natomas Charter School’s crab feed. It will be at the Sacramento Scotish Rite, to purchase tickets contact Natomas Charter School .

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