GOTG Profile: Maritza Davis – Founder of Unseen Heroes

By Kelly Conroy

Photography by Chantel Elder

Kelly Rathburn Conroy
Kelly Rathburn Conroy


Maritza Davis is a role model. Even with a sobbing child hanging on her neck, she holds down an interview with focus and positivity like a boss.

We’re sitting in a cozy and impeccably decorated corner of the new Unseen Heroes office in Oak Park. Maritza, the co-founder, is simultaneously declining phone calls, monitoring her 3 year old son’s M&M intake, delegating tasks to staff, and happily answering my questions. As I work to capture her thoughts on business ownership, motherhood, and Sacramento, I can’t help but be inspired. “I just want women to always feel empowered,” she says as she reflects on her own journey to success. I swoon.

Kelly sits down with Maritza at the Unseen Heroes office in Oak Park.
Kelly sits down with Maritza at the Unseen Heroes office in Oak Park.


Growing up in Sacramento, her family was full of matriarchs who provided examples of hardworking women with an entrepreneurial spirit. This female family inspiration led Maritza to build Unseen Heroes with her husband. “You just jump off a cliff – no bungee cord, no net, just free falling,” she said as we discussed what it takes to follow your business instinct. “I think it’s really important for women to go with their gut. Know when to jump ship and when to move forward. Remember in the hard times to take a break, talk to people, and get help when you need it.”

Though she describes her own work-life balance as more of a lifestyle than a separation, she shares, “You can get caught up in the demands of everyone else. I started taking Mondays off and I don’t care if I spend the whole day in my pajamas watching trashy TV. It’s important to take time for yourself.” As a woman, a mother, and a businessperson, Maritza enjoys the co-mingling of her many roles. She aims to bring her children along whenever appropriate and expose them to the joys of travel, culture and design – the same experiences that shaped her own professional endeavors. “I want my kids to learn that life is quite simple when you take the stressors away and pull back. Cut away the clutter in life and shave off things you don’t need.” Simplifying, she says, is key in everything she does.

It is exactly this perspective, this optimism, and this type of advice that makes Maritza Davis a Sacramento game-changer. She not only believes in her own abilities to succeed but in the opportunities and bright futures that exist for everyone, especially here. “Two years ago, we decided to give Sacramento a big hug,” she reminisces about their decision to set up shop in Oak Park, “People were talking trash about it and I thought it was ridiculous. People are breathing life into new spaces and there’s so much opportunity here. Sure, I can’t get Cuban food whenever I want, but I love this city.”

There’s no doubt that Sacramento is on the rise and if Maritza Davis has her way (which, I bet she will), it will only continue to soar higher. Some of her personal female inspiration already call Sacramento home including: jewelry designer, Maya Kini; Andrea Lepore of Hot Italian; children’s apparel creator, Ana Apple; and Angelina Seva of Deeda Salon. With such creativity, passion, and fierce female empowerment, Maritza and ladies like these are helping all of Sacramento succeed.

While Unseen Heroes and Display California are still relatively young, Maritza already has her sights set higher. Though she couldn’t divulge any details, be on the lookout for some fun, new concepts coming from their Oak Park office soon. In the meantime, visit one of their events or shop from local designers at the Display California store. And if anyone out there is thinking about opening a Cuban restaurant nearby, Martiza would be awfully grateful.











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