Top 14 Sacramento Moments … in 2014

By everyone at GOTG with help from our readers!

It’s that time of year again – a time when we try to condense the good, the bad and the downright ugly from the year before. You’ve got Time’s best photography or Mandatory’s best tweets (#LOL) … and now GOTG’s list of the best 14 things that happened in Sacramento in 2014. All in all, it was another great year in Sacramento – hell, we almost overcame our envy of other cities. 🙂

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1. #WeAreTBD

Let’s kick off the list by going big – as in TBD Fest! Aside from the gallon of dust we inhaled and the standard Sacramento heat, TBD Fest proved that we can host stellar events. From Cherub and Empire of the Sun to Justice and French Horn Rebellion, it was ahhhhhh-mazing, and peeps were talking about it for weeks. Bonus points for the central location between West Sac and the grid and for having plenty of local eats/drinks, shops and organizations represented (we especially loved the Sacramento Ballet’s Great Gatsby flash mob). The organizers are also hosting an NYE party, but it’s already sold out, obviously. Check out our pictures here.

TBD Fest in all its glory! – Photo Source: Chantel Elder

2. Safety First

Slow clap for FINALLY getting stop signs at 20th and K Street. Pedestrians, cars and bikes all used to have to fight their way through this intersection, and the lack of a light/stop sign was a frequent conversation overheard on LowBrau’s patio. The neighborhood is much safer for it, and we thank whoever helped make it a reality, including City Councilmember Steve Hansen.

3. #BossLady Events

Sacramento hosted several lady-centric events in 2014 that focused on empowerment and collaboration. Our favorites include tedX Sacramento’s Women Salon, StartUp Weekend-Women’s Edition and the NorCal Women’s Forum. Makes us want to hum “Sisters are doin’ for themselves” all day long.

4. Nom, Nom, Nom

Much like 2013, 2014 welcomed so many awesome additions to Sacramento’s culinary scene. If you haven’t already, be sure to hit up Mother (Vegetarian), Crawdad’s (Adam Pechal is the new chef!), South (southern), Trick Pony & Pieology (Pizza).


5. Local Artists Take Charge

No grant? No problem. This year, local artists got all entrepreneurial. Tre Borden is raising $$$ to create Bright Underbelly, which will help beautify a blighted part of the city, as well as pave the way for similar projects partnering with CalTrans.Sofia Lacin and Hennessy Christophel collaborated with the City to create Contagious Color, a mural that brightened up 12th Street North overpass. And last but not least, CADA and SMAC organized Capitol Art Boxes, which turned ugly utility boxes into works of art.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Contagious Color

6. Bevmo Opened in #MidtownSac

We know, we know – isn’t this the beginning of the end? What’s next, a Wal-Mart? Chill out hipsters, Bevmo is an amazing addition to midtown Sacramento. They kept the original nuts/bolts and aesthetics of the building, and they’ve stocked the shelves with local products. Their CEO attended the grand opening to launch the company’s first urban market and personally thanked Sacramento for welcoming BevMo to the neighborhood. They’ve also installed some pretty cool, booze-themed metal bike racks by local Gina Rossi.

Artist Gina Rossi outside Bevmo
Artist Gina Rossi outside Bevmo

7. If You Can’t Tone It – Tan It…

…Except don’t because skin cancer and premature wrinkles are a real downer. 2014 added some stellar workout options to the grid. Our favorite new additions? Cal Fit downtown (here’s hoping we get more roof tops in 2015!), Humani Pilates, Dailey Method and U Barre.

Humani Pilates (Source: Laura Braden)
Humani Pilates (Source: Laura Braden)

8. Republic FC Championship

Glory, glory Sacramento! Sac Republic FC killed it in 2014. After hosting sell out crowds pretty much the entire season, they won the national championship 3-2…after being down 0-2 at halftime. We really hope the MLS is paying attention because a soccer facility with surrounding infill/mixed use would look hella beautiful at the downtown Railyards.

9. R Street Corridor Blooms

From Shady Lady and Magpie to Muse Salon and Burgers & Brew, the R Street Corridor is already home to some of the grid’s best spots. But 2014 marked a key tipping point in the larger development of the neighborhood. The New Helvetia Theatre was recently purchased (TBD on what happens next), the 100+ B&G Rochdale building and Crystal Ice and Cold Storage plant are getting facelifts, the Warehouse Artists Lofts are nearly sold out and Michael Heller (behind the MARRS building) just purchased the Capital Wholesale Electric building. Get ready for a bonanza of modern mixed-use, and check out Marcos Breton’s column for more on the history behind the transformation.

10. Cold-Pressed Juiceries…Everywhere

Is it us or did cold-pressed juice become the “cupcake bakery” of 2014? We’re hoping this healthy trend takes root (#WordPlay) and is here to stay. Our favorites? Peel’d, Sun & Soil Juice Company and Metro Juice. Not familiar with this phenomenon? Check out this Sacramento Bee article.

11. The Kings are Staying in Sacramento

After a crazy roller coaster of emotion, the City Council voted in May 2014 to approve a financing plan for a new downtown arena, solidifying that the Kings would stay in Sacramento for at least the next 35 years. Next up is a gorgeous, world-class arena and surrounding downtown development. #SacramentoProud

Good bye Plaza, Hello Ground breaking!

12. “I’ll Take an Iced Half Caff Ristretto, Sugar Free with Soy Latte”

Local coffee had a helluva year in 2014. Sacramento ranked No. 10 for coffee snobs. Temple was named one of the country’s top six roasters in the country, and Chocolate Fish Roasters introduced the grid to “coffee beer” with a hella cool name: “Nitro” (since it’s made with nitrogen). Shine Sacramento hosted some amazing live music, and TurnAround Coffee House opened with as a “non-profit charitable business venture operated by Clean & Sober homeless recovery communities.” Old Soul and Temple each had coffee make Coffee Review’s prestigious 30 best coffees of the year round-up, which led to crazy demand and sell outs.

And if that weren’t enough, 2014 heralded the first annual Specialty Coffee Week, which  “geared towards education, tasting and the celebration of coffee from farm to cup.”

13. GOTG Celebrates Five Years!

Let’s pat our own backs for a second because we’ve kept this crazy train running for FIVE YEARS – typos and run on sentences and all. We’ve made you laugh, cry and (hopefully) think. We’ve never had to rely on advertising so you know our opinions are just that, and we’ve raised a lot of money for WEAVE while celebrating Sacramento’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes (#SMEBB). This year, GOTG also added three fabulous new editors – Chantel Elder, Lisa Murphy and Rachel Smith – while our co-founder Laura Braden transitioned into an advisory role. We can’t wait to see what the next five years bring!


Lisa, Laura, Rachel and Chantel
Lisa, Laura, Rachel and Chantel

14. The Storm that Wasn’t

We bought all the wine and Nutella at Nugget Market for nothing. Not that we were hoping for a tremendous storm that inevitably would have caused a lot of damage and potentially life-threatening situations…we were just excited about the chance to miss work because of rain. Better luck next year. But it makes this countdown because we really needed the rain.

Psst: Check out the Top 13 Sacramento Moments in 2013 to see how far we’ve come!

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