Favorite Things Gift Exchange

By Kellie Edson

Kellie Edson
Kellie Edson


If you are looking to have a fun gift exchange with girlfriends but don’t want to do the traditional white elephant or secret santa route, why not put together a “Favorite Things” Party?  My craft club has been doing this the last couple years for Christmas and we also have decided to start doing it as a “Christmas in July” thing as well in the summer.  Of course, we initially found the idea on Pinterest.


The way that it works, is you set a limit for the gifts. (Ours is usually $5, but we are considering making July $10 next year) and each person brings 3 gifts – Three of the SAME gifts – all under $5.



Here were my gifts for Christmas:

Mugs and Cookie Cutters from Target and a Salted Caramel Truffle from local La Grand Confectionary.

You put three of each person’s name into a bag or hat to draw.

And everyone gets to go home with three fun goodies!  I know some people will do it where you bring more of each item, or you can play around with the budget.  We had everything from Diet Pepsi to Lotion to homemade jam to packs of sharpies.

It’s always a lot of a fun, and a unique way to do gift giving with a group.

I hosted this Christmas and made little bags for everyone to take their gifts home in.

Have fun with it and Enjoy!


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