BARK THE VOTE! A New App for all you Pet Lovers!

By Lauren Norton

They say the best reason to devote yourself to a startup is to solve a problem you already have.  Well my dog is my problem, specifically, how to get her out of the house before she pees all over it.  I’ve been crate training with some success, but you can only leave your puppy in a crate for two to three hours tops before she needs to go.  When I was stuck in a particularly bad bout of Fix-Fifty traffic this summer, I had this fantasy of being able to send out an alert on my phone, and, minutes later, having some angel show up at my house to take Rosie out.  The idea for BARK was born.


We’ve all had moments like this right?  You think you’ve stumbled upon an idea with real potential.  Maybe you tell some friends and their eyes light up and they tell you, man, you are going to be rich!  Then you go back to your regularly scheduled life and forget about it, until you see some version of your idea out in the world, a neck pillow/hoodie say on the shelf of Walmart (this was my brother’s game changing product idea) and you feel like kicking yourself.  Or maybe your idea was terrible to begin with and you can thank your lucky stars you didn’t waste your smooth-faced years tinkering in your garage at all hours.  If you don’t want to be left wondering, the Startup Weekend competition can give you some much needed perspective on the value and viability of your idea.


Well, Startup Weekend Sacramento really liked BARK, and our stellar judges put us through to compete in the Global Startup Competition based on our pitch (watch the embedded video below).  This town is dog crazy, and we’re pretty savvy when it comes to our mobile technology.  We’re also not alien to the idea of helping each other out.  This is not LA folks.


If you like to BARK, you can help us on our way to market by voting HERE 

Voting closes Dec 3 at midnight.


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