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Thanksgiving is tomorrow and while there are an abundance of things to be thankful for, GOTG decided to narrow the focus a little. We compiled a list of some of our favorite places and people that we are thankful for in this ever changing and growing city.  We can’t deny that this year has been one for the year books – Who and what are you thankful for in Sacramento? It can be a place or a person – share the thanks in the comments below and have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

Laura Braden –  I’m thankful for the Sacramentans you don’t hear about – the name/faceless citizens that are busting their butts everyday to make this city a better place. They may not win awards or get profiled in the media, but their work impacts our lives for the better every day.

Kelly Conroy – I’m thankful for the amazing restaurants opening in Sacramento. As a vegetarian, it’s easier than ever to find incredible food that is true to Sacramento’s Farm to Fork movement. I love knowing that I’m supporting a local entrepreneur, local farmers, our local business community, and eating well all at the same time. Thank you to all the risk takers, the chefs, the ag workers, and everyone that works so hard to make our local food scene so delicious.

Chantel Elder  – I am so thankful for the team that put together TBD Fest this year! As a music lover I have always wanted Sacramento to have more of a music scene. A big fat Thank you to Michael Hargis and Clay Nutting and their entire crew for thinking big and providing a place for us to dance and celebrate the growth of our city.

I am also SO thankful for all the contributors to this blog. I have made some unbelievable relationships this year within the GOTG team. I get to write, dream, explore and laugh alongside some of Sacramento’s best a brightest ladies – that are all changing the face of Sacramento in a big or small way.

Kelli Gould – I am thankful for my mentor and life coach of 5 years, Eric Waterbury. Eric runs a nonprofit called World Changers Inc. and meets with over 30 adults in their 20’s and 30’s in the Sacramento area to help guide them and show the importance of living an intentional, diligent and passionate life. The reason he has so much authority in the area of coaching is because he practices the same life strategies and disciplines that he encourages others to have. Twice a month, Eric drives to my office to meet with me and talk about anything and everything, from how I am doing at work to my family relationships, friendships, and my personal life/career goals. The good news is he knows it all and still believes in me. And the bad news is he knows it all, which means I can’t ever get away with anything! He definitely has a gift for calling me out in areas where I may be slacking in or just flat out avoiding! He is never one to shy away from the difficult conversations and is always ready to share his blunt and honest opinions, even if I don’t want to hear them! He holds me accountable to the decisions that I make and respects my decisions. Eric has always steered me in the direction of helping others, giving back and being mindful of the bigger picture. He has taught me how to mentor others and how to be effective in those mentor/mentee relationships.I can’t thank him enough for his dedication, loyalty, and patience!

And….Ginger Elizabeth for all her delicious creations.

Chelsea Irvine – Vieve is the Programs Director at the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services, and has dedicated her career to helping others. She goes above and beyond the call of duty, and is one of the most hardworking women I know. She is always by her phone in case any of her colleagues need her, at all hours of the day, and she spends many of her weekends working or attending other charity events. Vieve and her team successfully collected and distributed nearly 10,000 turkeys over the last week, as they do every year. These events are well-oiled machines and thousands of our neighbors are able to have a bountiful Thanksgiving who may not otherwise. It still isn’t break time for Vieve, since Thursday is the annual Run to Feed the Hungry, one of the most successful charity fundraisers of the entire year. Vieve would never expect a thank you and likely only rarely receives one. But from the bottom of my heart, I thank Vieve for everything she does. Sacramento is a better place because of her.

Michelle Kennedy – I am grateful for the dudes who run Aquila Fitness in East Sac. Justin, Travis and Aaron yell at me from time to time to get moving on the bike, the rowing machine, or when I’m trying to lift some gigantic barbell contraption, and this is good for me. I really do have a tendency to check out into daydream land and stop trying. Having people hold me accountable and cheer me on helps. I like that place, and I like all that I am learning there. I am grateful that I joined, and each time I walk in there, I continue to chip away at my fear of CrossFit. Thank you guys!

Lisa Murphy – I’m grateful for Yoga Shala. I started practicing at Yoga Shala at the beginning of 2013 after trying almost every local yoga studio in town. Don’t get me wrong all of our local yoga studios have something to offer, but the Shala is my home. It’s where I fell in love with the practice of Yoga. Annie Fox and Tyler Langdale ,the owners of Yoga Shala, have a special touch that makes both their studios (they have a new Arden location!)  a safe, comfortable environment to practice yoga and connect with community.

I’m also grateful for Clay Nutting and everyone that worked so hard to put on TBD Fest. What an incredible weekend! Blondie, Moby, Dillion Frances, Explosions in the Sky, all in our own backyard! If you missed TBD Fest this year, you missed out. But you’re in luck because TBD is throwing a NYE party that is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Leia Ostermann –  I am thankful for the Sacramento beer scene, which has expanded and thrived over the past several years. I can now explore multiple breweries by bike, including Track7, New Helvetia, Bike Dog and the recently opened Ruhstaller Taproom and Oak Park Brewing Company. I love seeing the success of these local businesses and appreciate the contribution to a growing culture of craft brew.

Special thank you goes to Pipeworks members as well. The climbing community is know for being easy-going, trustworthy and respectful to nature. Everything that make the City of Trees so great. Many of them have become my Sacramento family.

Rachel Smith – This has been such a transformative year for Sacramento and it’s really hard to pick just one person who stands out. But since you twisted my arm, I’d have to say I’m most thankful for me. And by me, I mean you. Us. Everyone in Sacramento who loves this city. Sacramento would be nothing without its inhabitants who work here, spend their hard earned money here, and want to take this city to the next level. It’s the people’s city! It’s a scientific fact that there are no better people than Sacramento people (because Sacramento people don’t stop?) Happy Thanksgiving, I love us!

Meghan Sullivan – I’m thankful for the Crocker Art Museum and all the wonderful staff that make it a world-class facility. We continue to get amazing exhibitions of wonderful art. Have you seen the current exhibit, Arte Mexicano: Legacy of Masters, yet? And I can’t tell you how excited I am for Toulouse-Lautrec and La Vie Moderne: Paris 1880–1910 (it arrives in February). But beyond the world class art, the Crocker staff continues to push boundaries by offering other new and exciting activities and events (Crocker Con, BroVember, Concerts, Films, and more).

***And last but not least, a major THANK YOU to all of our wonderful readers. HAPPY THANKSGIVING***

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