Homemade Holidays: Craft and Food Swap Nov. 23rd

Originally posted: 10/28/2014 on  From House Parties to House Wife

By Amanda Branham ( Guest Blogger)


Last year, I bought Kate Payne’s Hip Girls Guide to Homemaking and learned about food swapping. Through her site, I found the Food Swap Network and researched how to hold my own food swap.

But here’s the thing. There are so many creative people I know, who make so much amazing stuff that isn’t food-related. And some do both! So, I decided on hosting Homemade Holidays: Craft and Food Swap. It will be held at Shine Cafe in Sacramento on Nov 23rd from 4-7 pm.

So, how does one of these things works?

It’s $5 to participate, to help cover the cost of the space and supplies. Swappers will bring homemade food or handmade items to trade (valued around $20), will fill out one swap sheet per item and will put their items and swap sheets on the bidding table.

Everyone will then go around and bid on the items they love. If you’re swapping food, it’s good to bring samples for people to taste. Bidders will write down what they would like to trade, and then everyone will return to their items to look at the possible trades.

Then, it’s swapping time! Everyone will go around and find people who want to trade with them, or vice-verse. There is no push to purchase here, so if there is something you would like to purchase, feel free to get that person’s business card for later.

I hope this event will gather all the wonderful creative people there are in Sacramento, and get them to meet and network, without the pressure of purchasing anything from each other. I’m really excited to see how it will all work out!

Tickets are available through Eventbrite, you can pay via PayPal (use mamabecrafty@gmail.com) and if there are spaces available, you can pay at the door. You can also connect with other makers by visiting the Event page on Facebook and using #diyswapsac in your social media feeds!

Bonus: Katie from Thrift Your Heart Out will co-host a vintage/handmade clothing swap & there will be a craft supplies exchange for people looking to unload their extra or un-needed crafting supplies! 

Want to find out more? Have you done a food swap before and want to share some advice? Please drop Amanda a line mamabecrafty(at)gmail(dot)com  connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!





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