GOTG Profile: Kristin DeNeeve, Semi Sweet Press

By Maria Hill 

Maria Hill
                        Maria Hill

We can’t deny it any longer my friends, the holidays are coming! Here at Girls on the Grid we would like to encourage you to spread cheer and goodwill towards fellow Sacramentans through the lost art of the printed card. Enter Kristin DeNeeve, owner and creative brain behind Semi Sweet Press. Recently I sat down with her over coffee to talk inspiration, spirit animals, and favorite Sacramento spots.

Maria Hill: Semi Sweet Press is a great name for a card company. Can you tell us a little bit more about the meaning behind it?
Kristin DeNeeve: I wanted the name of the company to reflect the collection. Some of the cards are nice and cute and some of them are on the sassy side. I believe everyone has a snarky side, Semi Sweet Press reflects that.

Maria: How did you get started?
Kristin: Two years ago I designed the “Anatomy of Christmas” card to promote my freelance illustration business (link: and also sent it out to my family and friends. Everyone loved it and encouraged me to explore selling them, so I did. I started off with three designs for Valentines Day and now I am up to over 40 designs.

Maria: Where do you find inspiration for your card designs?
Kristin: Everywhere! Conversations with my husband, in my own head. movies, TV shows or even snack time. That is how do I turned a donut into a card.

I Need Space
                       Kristin’s favorite design

Maria: Do you have a personal favorite design?
Kristin: My personal favorite is probably the “space is what I need right now” card. First of all it is a break up card, which I think is pretty unique, and the story behind the design is pretty funny. I really wanted to draw a rocket ship in outer space so I thought “I have to figure out how to make that design work as a card.” My husband Eddie came up with inside message and I started working on the illustration. In the end I totally forgot to add in the rocket ship but I still love it and am now motivated to create a new rocket ship card.

Maria: You are not originally from Sacramento, how did you end up here?
Kristin: My husband and I were living in New York City and he was ready for a change.He has always loved Northern California so when a job with the US Fish and Wildlife services opened up in Sacramento he applied and got it. When we first moved two years ago I had a little bit of culture shock coming from the NYC. Once I found my place and made some great connections I am a huge fan of Sacramento! The community is so welcoming and encouraging, I am so glad I founded Semi Sweet Press here.

Maria: What are some of your favorite places to eat and drink here?
Kristin: For eating I like Hot Italian, Akebono (sushi and ramen), and my kitchen for everything else. For drinking Pour House bloody marys, Tank House for beer, and Old Soul in Oak Park for coffee. Play: walking through my neighborhood lounging in my hammock. Wine tasting in Amador day trips to Truckee.

Maria: Why is snail mail better than an e card?
Kristin: Because everyone loves getting something that isn’t junk mail or a bill in their mailbox. You can customize snail mail envelopes with hand drawn doodles, stickers, or a spritz of perfume. I think the biggest advantage though is that printed cards can be put on a bookshelf or a refrigerator door as a reminder that someone loves you.

Maria: What is your spirit animal?
Kristin: A cat because they are independent and they do what they want, unlike dogs who are desperate for love (sorry dog lovers).

Maria: Do you have any other favorite local brands?
Krisitin: Graphic Anthology, Pigment and Parchment, Sudz by Studz, Tufa Rock Gallery, and semi local (San Francisco) Jakes Castro Kitchen that makes fresh jams.

Kristin Profile
                                                                                                        Kristin DeNeeve, Owner of Semi Sweet Press


You can usually catch Kristin running her Semi Sweet Press booth at Good Design Market or at any other number of local business showcases, she is pretty easy to spot: always smiling and quick with the witty comebacks. To find out where she will be next follow her on Instagram , Facebook  and Twitter.

If you want to send some Semi Sweet holiday greetings of your own Kristin is offering GOTG readers 20% off all her cards (except box sets) now through Thanksgiving! just use the code GOTG20 at checkout to redeem, click here to start shopping!


SSP Holiday

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