DIY Eye Makeup Remover

Kellie Edson

Kellie Edson
Kellie Edson

I have never really been able to find an eye makeup remover that I actually liked. They either hurt my eyes or don’t work, or some a combination of both. So here’s a quick DIY make up remover that I’ve found that actually works!

Lately it seems like coconut oil is the magic elixir of life. Need to lose weight? Eat coconut oil! Want to try that new “oil pulling” trend? Cracked nipples from breast feeding? Cradle Cap? Dry Skin? COCONUT OIL!

So I was not surprised to discover that it also makes an excellent eye makeup remover. This was by no means scientific – I mixed a bit of coconut oil and a bit of witch hazel to make a little paste and now I just use a little bit on a cotton pad on my eyes each night and then follow it with a swipe of cool water. Works perfectly. And both were things I already had on hand. Even better.

A funny side note: I needed to buy witch hazel to make ‘padsicles’ for after childbirth (if you haven’t had kids, don’t ask. If you have, well you know what I’m talking about.) Anyway, my husband kept calling it “Eye of Newt” because apparently witch hazel to him sounds like some mystic thing like the eye of a newt??

Enjoy your new, easy, cheap and long lasting DIY “eye of newt” coconut oil eye makeup remover. And let me know if it works for you!

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