How we really feel about your facial hair

Every fall, just as we can count on the leaves changing colors, pumpkin spice lattes, knee high brown leather boots and an extra hour of sleep, there’s something else that reminds us that Fall is officially here – mustache November, aka ‘Movember‘.

Movember‘ aims to ‘change the face of men’s health’ by encouraging men to grow mustaches in the month of November in an effort to raise awareness about men’s health issues, particularly prostate cancer and other male cancers.

While we’re totally down with the cause, we were curious to see what our Girls on the Grid writers really thought about the growing popularity of the Fall ‘stache and facial hair in general. Their answers are below (beware some of our Girls were brutally honest).


Chantel E:  Beard > Mustache

Dear Rugged men, I love you – but when it comes to the mustache I have a couple rules of exception for sporting one;

  1. You are a cop (even a young rookie cop is allowed to sport one for novelty purposes if they want to)
  2. You are a Dad. Like a Dad from earlier than 1985 – like my Dad (who also happens to be a cop)
  3. You are growing it for a costume or Movember
  4. You made Kelli’s top ten list below.

That’s it – 4 Exceptions. I think I checked out officially when people started theming baby showers with mustaches or when I found out THIS exsisted. Apparently everything can be as trendy as Starbucks cake pops but I would much rather have a whole cake.

(Rules for beards : NO BRAIDING or growing it ZZ Top long)

Lisa M: I have a special place in my heart for a mustachioed man. My dad had a mustache as long as I could remember growing up, so to me a mustache feels very familiar, and isn’t an instant repellent. I’ll be honest when a guy is rocking just the mustache it does feel a little bit old school, and I tend to prefer full facial hair or none at all, however if you can rock a mustache the way Tom Selleck did, or if you’re Ron Swanson, it’s all right by me my lip hair rocking friends.

Kelly C: I grew up with a mustache wielding father and can therefore only associate a mustache with bad jokes and lectures. I get it that facial hair can be a creative statement or proof of your testosterone or whatever, but flashing a mustache around town kinda gives off the vibe that you’re looking to break into the “daddy issues” crowd. Plus, I don’t moisturize twice a day just to get scratched up by your bristles. Nay, I say.

Kearsten S: Because my father rocked the Tom Selleck Magnum PI look well into the 90s, I have an adverse reaction to facial hair on men. While my true aversion lies mainly with the mustache, I also have a hard time with beards – especially the non-groomed variety. I can dig a 5 o’clock shadow, but only to a certain point. Once it starts to feel like a brillo pad it’s time to shave.

Yessenia A: My husband is allowed to shave his beard just as much as I am allowed to shave my head. I can’t say a beard does it for me all the time but there’s a good chance if you’re easy on the eyes and have a well groomed and complete beard – no goat chins please – I am sold.

Leia O: There is nothing that screams “I like the outdoors” more than a guy in a flannel with a five o’clockshadow. Turns out, you can also pare that stubble with a suit and really crush your competition. Add a man bun and you get the final rose.

Julia T: Mustaches are a full NO. As such, I agree with Chantel that beards > mustaches. I am also against any variation of facial hair in-between mustache and beard. If you are going to do it guys, just go all the way. If you can’t grow a full beard, probably best to avoid the facial hair trend all together.

In Honor of Movember – Kelli Breton’s Top 10 Mustaches of All Time

This was a really difficult list to compile. So many men, and even a few women, have pretty incredible, impressive mustaches. After much deliberation, I have put together my own personal Top 10 most beautiful and memorable mustaches of all time.

 #10 Lionel Richie. He had us at “Hello” with that smooth, suave ‘stache!

Lional Richie

#9 Rich Uncle Pennybags aka Mr. Monopoly. He rocks the perfect mustachio. Never a hair out of place.

image (1)



#8 Clark Gable. My mom just fainted.

image (2)

#7 This cat. So natural.

image (3)

#6 Brad Pitt. The mustache done wrong can be very, very creepy. Brad gets it right, as always.

image (4)

#5 Martin Luther King, Jr. So serious. So distinguished.

image (5)

#4 Phil Dunphy. Claire is a lucky woman.

image (6)

#3 Batman. Milk has never looked so good.

image (7)

#2 Ron Burgundy.  “Don’t act like you’re not impressed.”

image (8)

#1 Tom Selleck. Now I may be biased because I’ve had a crush on this guy for years!!! His killer mustache has been around forever and it has never lost it’s luster. He easily earns the top spot in my book!

image (9)

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