Found: Sacramento’s Best Fashion Bloggers

By Kachet Jackson-Henderson

The fabulous Lipstick Giraffe (Kachet Jackson-Henderson) decided to round up hercurrent favorite fashion bloggers in Sacramento.  Kachet is a fashionista in her own right so we decided to start with her blog, obvi.

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Kachet - Lipstick Giraffe
Kachet Jackson-Henderson – The Lipstick Giraffe

Blog: The Lipstick Giraffe (Instagram)

Bio: Kachet is the face behind the fashion and lifestyle blog The Lipstick Giraffe. She’s a twenty-something lady with a love for all things pretty and delicious. Kachet uses the blog as a way to showcase her personal style and show others that they can look and feel like a million bucks without breaking the bank. When she’s not blogging, Kachet can be found playing around in the kitchen, enjoying a glass of bubbly and laughing with loved ones.

Favorite Place to Shop on the Grid: Article Consignment Boutique and Macy’s Downtown Plaza (their Impulse sale section is gold).

Hailey Titus
Haley Titus – Colour Me Classic

Blog: Colour Me Classic (Instagram)

Bio: Haley is a 26 year old, creative type who loves colour, pattern and type. Choosing classic pieces that fit a wide array of  body types. Using her best judgement to point women in the right direction for selecting timeless pieces that will last them many seasons to come.

Favorite Place to Shop on the Grid: Heart Boutique

Kathleen Myers – Kathleen’s Closet

Blog: Kathleen’s Closet (Instagram)

Bio: In between balancing her youtube channel and fashion blog you can find Kathleen commuting to San Francisco State to work on her bachelors degree in Apparel Design and Merchandising. Her style is very feminine and she loves incorporating pearls, pastels, cute collars, tulle and of course, bows!

Favorite Place to Shop on the Grid: Crossroads Trading Co.

Katie Culer – Thrift Your Heart Out

 Blog: Thrift Your Heart Out (Instagram)

Bio: Thrift Your Heart Out brings thrift fashion to the front row. On this site, you’ll find reviews of local thrift stores, outfit inspiration using thrifted pieces, as well as tips on how to save even more when shopping.

Favorite Place to Shop on the Grid: Freestyle Clothing Exchange on L and 21st

Jaclyn Andrade – Styl(e)revolver

Blog: Styl(e)volver

Bio: Styl(e)volver is a personal style blog by Jaclyn Andrade. Created to chronicle the evolution of my style. Staying inspired by lifestyle, travel, everyday people, and cocktails/food.

Favorite Place to Shop on the Grid: Cuffs boutique, always has cool pieces. And Heart boutique, love Vanessa she’s always dressed so cool with the coolest shoes.
The Dress Fiend
Phoebe Verkouw – The Dress Fiend

Blog: The Dress Feind (Instagram)

Bio: Phoebe Verkouw is the brain behind the thrifted fashion blog, The Dress Fiend. She’s a bona fide thrift store junkie obsessed with finding the most amazing items for next to nothing prices. It’s her mission to teach people that you don’t have to spend a lot to look fabulous! She’s here to inspire and hopes that her many years of thrifting can help others become the fashionistas they’ve always wanted to be…

Favorite Place to Shop on the Grid: Freestyle Clothing Exchange on 21st and L street
Marlene Shimamura – The Wicked Wasabi

Blog: The Wicked Wasabi – (Instagram)

Bio: My blog is fairly new and I use it to display my diverse style.  I love balancing the world of femininity with masculine/androgynous styles.  I just love being able to share with the world how I have fun with fashion!

Favorite Place to Shop on the Grid: To be honest, I do majority of my shopping online, however, I do a lot of local thrift shopping to find unique treasures or to alter them to make one of a kind garments.
Vanessa Labi – Babe-sicle

 Blog: Babe-Sicle – (Instagram)

Bio: Vanessa Labi is a Sacramento-based personal style blogger with a penchant for pattern. With an eclectic aesthetic that is equal parts boho and girly, she loves mixing different influences for a unique take on modern style. Arts and culture writing is her first passion and she enjoys curating everything from pink Pinterest boards to the perfect playlist. She believes that everyone’s style is unique and hopes to encourage others to make quirky alterations to “old” outfits to make them new again. When Vanessa is not blogging, she is working full-time as a Social Media Specialist at Merlot Marketing and recently became the Music/Fashion Editor of City Scout. And when she’s not working, she’s dancing. Always dancing.

Favorite Place to Shop on the Grid: I’m a devoted Cuffs girl. I love their mix of curated vintage and their eclectic new pieces that border on girly and edgy.

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  1. Juniper James says

    Girls –

    As always, you’re so sweet to share my blog with your lovely readers! Thanks for helping spread the word on our lovely locals. They’re a pretty creative & stylish bunch. 🙂

  2. nicole says

    Thanks so much for the mention, I am really flattered!

  3. Melanie says


    Thank you for sharing about all of these awesome fashion bloggers! I cannot wait to meet them and join their ranks!

    ~Melanie of Particularly Practically Pretty

  4. Deanna says

    Glad to see the Sac fashion blogging scene is alive and well!

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