The Sacramento Ballet: New Production, New Executive Director & New Fans!

By Chantel Elder

Exciting things are happening in Sacramento as a whole and as far as performing arts go, the Sacramento Ballet is one of the front runners for making sure our city is abuzz with arts and culture. From the live performance at TBDFest (that everyone couldn’t stop talking about) to the announcement of “The Barre Society” – a secret social club, to the production of The Great Gatsby (opening this evening)  –  it seems the Sac Ballet is breathing new life into a timeless art form that a different demographic is responding to…or maybe it is just me. Because I am certainly responding to it.

Somewhere in the last couple of months I started following Sac Ballet on Instagram and Twitter, made my husband purchase tickets for this evenings show and attended the first Barre Society mixer held at the Shady Lady last week. I have officially become a (more than just “the nutcracker”) ballet fan.

I was intrigued to learn that the Sacramento Ballet recently welcomed a new executive director – Caty Solace.  So as a  (admittedly somewhat new) ballet fan, I reached out to Caty , who recently transplanted to Sacramento with her family for her new position. Check out my mini interview with Sacramento’s newest female performing arts director and if you see her out and about say Hello and welcome her to our lovely city!

Caty Solace

GOTG: You are a newbie to Sacramento! Welcome and how are you liking it so far?  What are some of your favorite discoveries about our city?

Caty Solace:  I love my morning run into the farmland of Natomas. I’ve really enjoyed having drinks at The Shady Lady and what’s that place right next to Low Brau? So great!

GOTG: I think you are talking about Butcher Block  – And we couldn’t agree more.



GOTG: How did you end up here, being an ED of Sac ballet?

Caty Solace: This is great, the board chair called me out of the blue! I was on tour with my previous gig, and she asked me if I’d consider the job. I didn’t really think I was interested until I came here for 24 hours. I thought it was a community that I would fit into well.



GOTG: What is your favorite ballet performance?

Caty Solace:  Trey McIntyre’s The Sun Road



GOTG: Other than the ballet performances, how do you envision Sacramento ballet’s leadership and artists engaging the community? Athlete’s leading pilates?! yoga?!

Caty Solace: I think it’s all about providing local flair and color to the environment.  It’s about dancing live and impromptu at TBD – Or leading a community flash mob at the Mid-town Farmers Market.



GOTG: What is your most challenging (but rewarding) part of your job?

Caty Solace: It’s throwing these big expensive productions, all the marketing, all the contracts, everything that goes into that experience–then of course the reward is the payoff of a spectacular show.



GOTG: What is the most inspiring thing about your job?

Caty Solace: That I get to be so close to so many working professional artists at the peak of their game



GOTG: Three things most people don’t know about you?

Caty Solace: I grew up on a farm, I ran a 1/2 marathon in 1:30:02 & I got kicked out of ballet when I was 14 for being really bad.



GOTG: What is your spirit animal?

Caty Solace: A big elk

As mentioned, tonight is the opening show for The Great Gatsby.  If you don’t have tickets yet, I would seriously suggest grabbing a couple and making an evening out of it.  It is after all only running for 4 Days (Oct 23-26th). If you decide to grab tickets use the discount code “Ballet5”.

Here are a few shots from the dress rehearsal in case you need some convincing.  It really is a beautiful show.


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Photo Credit: Chantel Elder

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